Weddings are a special time to celebrate two lovers making a strong commitment to one another, in the presence of family and friends. You’ve most likely heard the ole tradition “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” They are four objects the bride will carry with her on her big day as tokens of good luck. Traditionally, they are given to the bride by her mother, sister, aunt, or other relatives, but the bride can also gift herself with these special charms, so whether you are the one giving or are the bride herself, here are top ideas to pay an ode to the tradition.

Something Old

Something old represents continuity in the marriage. This could be the bride’s dress passed on to her from her mother or grandmother. As style changes every decade, the bride can tailor the dress to fit current fashion trends. A locket attached to the bouquet is also a great way to carry photos of loved ones no longer with us. It will give the bride comfort knowing that she is still sharing her special day with them in spirit. Family heirlooms are also perfect for this day and quite fitting for the “something old” theme. This could be grandma’s pearls or a special pendant.

Something New

Something new symbolizes optimism and hope for the bride’s new life. This could be as simple as a new perfume, after all, smell is the strongest link to memories and each time you wear it, your hubby will be filled with happy thoughts. You could also carve your new initials (if you’re taking beau’s last name) on a necklace or handkerchief. Or perhaps something new can be a new haircut or style for the special day.

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed is traditionally an item from a happily married family member or friend, it represents good fortune carried on to the marriage. This could be the finishing touch of the bride’s veil, it’s a significant piece of the bride’s overall look. Something borrowed could also be a family member’s earrings or necklace that holds great sentimental value.

Something Blue

Something blue represents fidelity, purity, and love, like the proverb goes: “Marry in blue, lover be true”. This lucky charm allows you to get a bit creative, it could be a beautiful bouquet of blue orchids, blue iris’ or hydrangeas. It could be a pair of trendy blue shoes or even a sapphire necklace or earrings.


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