July 4th is just around the corner and you’ve sent out the invites for your party. But you feel like you might forget something when it comes to giving your guests a fully red, white and blue experience. You want to guarantee that everything is set up to really bring the celebration together but don’t know where to start, that’s where we come in.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to putting together a great gathering because we’ve got you covered in all the ways you can add a little more color to your party. Here are four ways you can add a little more red, white and blue into your festive 4th of July celebrations.

1. Festive Food

The thing everybody loves, food! There are many ways to add some more variety into your spread that doesn’t include chips and dip (though there’s nothing wrong with those either). For the red you can’t go wrong with fruit, it is summer after all! Strawberries, cherries, watermelon, apples cut up into bitesize servings on a platter will be gone before you know it. The blues might be a little harder, blueberries and blackberries are great but if you want to really impress your friends this year you have to think outside the box. Try a raw blueberry cheesecake that will surprise your guests and add in a little color you’re looking for. For the white foods? White chocolate, jicama fries instead of french fries for the health conscious, and white cheddar cheese are all viable choices that can be spread out mixed with the other snacks. You can even try cauliflower bbq wings to add to the mix because they’re easy to make and a light option for those watching their figures.

2. Decoration Celebration

Balloons, banners, centerpieces…all things that come printed with stars and stripes which is perfect for your festivities. Go wild with the decor, it’s your chance to shine and do it big for one of the summer’s biggest events. Sparklers, flags, hats, and candles can be delivered straight to your door which means you don’t have to waste time going to the store and can spend it on the actual decorating. You can even do a DIY photo booth by creating a funky red, white and blue backdrop and setting it up in a designated corner with a camera on a tripod. A photo booth will give the guests a chance to take pictures on their own time so you’ll be left with the crazy memories for everyone to enjoy later on.

3. Stars & Stripes & Tees

While you do want to celebrate the national colors, you don’t have to be fully literal if you have another outfit in mind for your party that isn’t centered around red, white and blue. Try implementing the hues in the form of accessories or small accent pieces. Jeans and a white tee with a red lip are a great option, though if you’ve been waiting to wear a yellow floral dress it doesn’t mean you can’t compliment it with white platforms or some red nail polish! Fashion’s about fun, so enjoy playing around and your guests will notice.

4. Patriotic Plates

The foods ready, the decor is set and you have a phenomenal playlist that will get everybody into the patriotic spirit… but don’t forget the cutlery and your plates! If your party is more relaxed and the type with lots of people coming and going, don’t waste your time with setting out your nice silverware and using your ceramic plates because like we all know, mistakes happen. Somebody drops a plate or chips a glass and now you’re left with the cleanup or the possibility of a cut hand. Instead, opt for the plastic option because they not only come in a variety of colors but they’re easy to dispose of so long as you do the smart thing and recycle! You can order all your party necessities in advance so you can have the blue or red plastic cups and white plates that are both durable and don’t require much cleanup. Play around with drink umbrellas and festive napkins, the options are limitless!

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