Astrotourism is a newer form of sustainable travel that has people leaving light-polluted cities to become “dark seekers” in remote destinations. Desert skies cover vast undiscovered land as far as the eye can see, making them the ideal place for stargazers. Astrotourism brings the economic benefits of tourism to places that are less known, and serves as a way for travelers to reconnect with the natural world.

Astrotourism is more than an activity to do while travelling, it is a form of deep meditation that connects us not only to our natural surroundings but back to the deepest and purest part of our consciousness. When one is surrounded by nothing but darkness, there is a certain unfamiliarity that can become uncomfortably overwhelming. Astrotourism is a tool for us to understand the balance of dark and light, it restores our ability to trust in the unknown, to know that no matter what unfolds on our journey we are supported by the Moon above and the Earth below.

Many people use astrotourism to harness and cultivate energies that occur with the alignment of major astrological events. The 2017 total eclipse in the United States was a monumental event that impacted those both in and outside the country. This rare opportunity to witness something that could happen only once every lifetime, sparked an interest to explore the unknown.

When we begin to understand the abundance of possibility for ourselves through this celestial scope, we can utilise it for further self understanding and growth. Some even use the power of astrological events as a preventative measure to avoid the potential damage caused from an eclipse. Other events like new and full moons are representative for the birth of a new chapter, the start of a new cycle and the perfect time to be in touch with the universe.

Why this should be on your mind as a conscious traveller

Tourism has recently been going through a shift of people wanting to take a timeout from reality for a week, to people wanting to escape and connect with something meaningful that can impact them after their trip has concluded. Astrotourism might just be one of the most exciting and up and coming forms of tourism that not only is a beautiful experience to witness, but also ignites a fire within us and awakens a curiositiy to learn more about the system of interconnection.

While astrotourism can be experienced all over the world, Morocco is a special place for it. The north African country’s position of +30° puts it close enough to the equator that you can see Southern Hemisphere constellations you can’t find in Europe. Depending on when you go, it’s possible that you’ll even be able to witness meteor showers passing by our planet, the rings of Saturn, and galaxies like Andromeda that is 2.5 million light years away.

While astrotourism is recently new in the travel industry, it has been around as long as humans have walked this Earth. Sub-Saharan nomadic tribes, Berbers, Touaregs and Bedouin mythologies and beliefs have all used the sky and stars for positioning, referencing, and understanding the unexplainable events that unfold throughout life.

Next time you find yourself alone, look up at the sky instead of down at your device and imagine the constellations all being connected, all being alive waiting for us to unlock and witness their magical mystery.


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