Booking a vacation doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account; with Priceline and, there are so many ways to book cheap holidays you’ll love. Not only can you get great travel offers, but you can earn Cash Back on every journey you book via So the next time you book flights or hotels, or rent a car, remember “hey, I can get paid to do this”, and stop by first. Today’s travel spotlight focuses on amazing Priceline travel discounts.

Save Big On Hotels

Yes, you read that right! Book flights with Priceline and you can save some serious cash, plus you can earn 9.6% Cash Back on every hotel stay booking as well. So, not only can you get Cash Back but you can also get amazing travel offers on over 160,000 hotels worldwide.

New shoppers automatically receive a free Premier membership for their first 90 days. Thanks to the free boosted Premier upgrade, here’s an example of huge savings you can make just by searching on Priceline. Say you want to find a 4-star hotel in Rome for 7 nights, you find an amazing deal for a hotel which was $78 per night and is now only $52, instead of paying $546 you would pay just $364, saving 34%. Add to that $35 in Cash Back, your hotel stay would only end up costing only $329, a total saving of $217. Now that’s money worth saving!

Find out more about how you can save money on travel and more when you book and shop via

Book Flights For Less

You’ve made a whopping saving on your hotel, now it’s time to book that flight with Priceline and save another 40%. The top tip is to book your flight as late as possible, if you can, to take advantage of last-minute express deals, which will save you the maximum amount. If you like to plan your trip in advance then you’ll still be able to find great prices and travel discounts.

Rent A Car On A Budget

Get around town the way you want to with cheap car rental from priceline. Save money with last crazy low rates too. In fact you can rent a car in New York for a day, that turns out cheaper than a taxi across town!

Want to save even more money when you travel? Become a VIP Lounge Member and gain access to exclusive travel offers, discounts, select coupons, and extra Cash Back too. Affordable travel is easy with, just sign in before you head to your favorite travel site and you’ll earn Cash Back every time you book! And for the first 90 days, you’ll be upgraded to the Premier level and earn double Cash Back on every purchase.

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