By: Krista Paul

Today is national “Fun at Work Day.” That’s right – the whole day is dedicated to you having more fun today at work, even if – maybe especially if — you don’t usually have much fun at all.

We at DubLi think it’s always possible to have more fun at work. The average Joe works 40 hours a week from the age of 20 to 65 and gets only two weeks of vacation each year. In that time, poor Joe will have spent a total of 90,360 hours of his life slaving away.

So let’s have some fun! Considering how many hours we spend at work, we’ve selected the top 5 ways to help you make work a little more enjoyable. Start implementing some of these lessons and you will be on your way to a more fun, meaningful (and hopefully, profitable) work environment.

Get Organized

If you aren’t organized at work, things will never be as fun or productive. Starting with your office or cubicle, organization gives you a sense of purpose, pride, and contentment. Spend a little time and money investing in products that will help you keep your various office supplies in order.

DubLi’s shopping experts have the perfect solution! Global Industrial’s (up to 12.5% Cash Back) versatile Wall Control Office Wall Mount Desk Storage and Organization Kit ($139.95) This wall organizer clears up clutter in no time, and its heavy-duty all-steel construction means that it’s built to last. Plus, it looks amazing and is guaranteed to get a lot of compliments from your coworkers!

Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

Wall Control Office Wall Mount Desk Storage and Organization Kit, $139.95 | Photo by


Eat Well, Be Well

A healthy diet encourages a healthy attitude. Leave the junk food at home and create a nutritional environment in the office. Surround yourself with healthy snacks in your desk or close at hand when you get those pesky afternoon hunger pangs. If you cook healthy at home, plan on making extras and bring them into work as leftovers. If you’d like to keep your healthy food away from the company fridge so you aren’t “tempted” by the bad stuff on the shelves, consider picking up a mini-fridge at Walmart (up to 7% Cash Back). We found the perfect mini-fridge for your office: check out the compact ‘Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator’. It doubles as a mini-fridge AND a mini chalkboard, and at $119, it’s an incredible deal! Write and erase messages, reminders, motivational quotes, health or professional goals, jokes and more on your mini-fridge!

Great Ways to Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator | Photo by Walmart


Exercise can be an essential component to being successful and having fun in life and in work. Stop making excuses about why you don’t have enough time to exercise. Did you know that exercising for just one hour takes up only 4% of your day? You can always find time! Create a personal exercise regimen for yourself and take small breaks throughout the day to get up and move around. Whether it’s a morning gym workout, a walk around the park, or push-ups on your office floor, find what works for you and do it! Every. Single. Day.

If you’d like to turn it up a notch, take a look at ‘Ergotron Workfit’ desk series, available with up to 7.3% Cash Back through DubLi at The desks offer adjustable tracks that can be moved up or down to create a standing desk. It’s not good to be sitting all day, and standing allows you to move around, burn more calories, create lean muscle mass and keep your energy levels high. Plus, you will be the talk of the office.

Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

Ergotron WorkFit-A with Suspended Keyboard | Photo by Dell

Make Your Day Bright and Splashy

Work is always more fun when you have upbeat, inspirational, beautiful items to look at when you’re trying to solve a problem or just enjoying a quick breather. Consider splurging for one accessory that will always brighten your day. A nice piece of art on the wall may do the trick, or a flashy designer rug on your floor. We found a real gem at the Home Decorators Collection (up to 7.3% Cash Back). The ‘Riverwalk Area Rug’ has just enough spunk and style to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step when you encounter this mouthwatering vibrant mix of color and pattern.

Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

Riverwalk Area Rug |Photo by Home Decorators Collection

Be Nice to Others

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but how often do you really try to be nice to others at work? How often do you really make an effort to compliment the person sitting next to you, or to invite the introvert in the corner to lunch with your crew? Simply being nice to others makes you feel good. Period. And it helps make other people’s work days more fun. We promise it will inadvertently do the same for you. So give it a try and let us know how you feel! We think it may be the best source of fun out of your entire day!

Happy Fun at Work Day! Remember to purchase your office goodies and inspiration from and get paid each time you shop. Now that’s a whole lot of  fun.

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