From holiday gatherings and Halloween parties to baking contests at the local county fair, fall and winter present many opportunities to load up on sugary treats. Add to this the fact that your friends and family members with diabetes and other health concerns can’t eat processed sugar at all, and you might have a problem this holiday season. How can you partake of your favorite sweet treats without compromising your health or the feelings of your sugar-free friends? Read on to learn about some healthy and easy sugar substitutions to satisfy your cravings.
[title text=”A Natural Approach”]

shutterstock_147936014Sugar appears naturally in fruits and other foods, and you can easily cut out a significant portion of your sugar intake by replacing your weeknight desserts with a piece of fruit. For many decades, doctors have warned those with diabetes and other glycemic health concerns to avoid excess fruit and naturally occurring sugars like honey and agave nectar. However, recent studies suggest that naturally occurring sugars have a low impact on blood sugar, making them safe to eat for those with health conditions. Of course, it’s always best to speak with your doctor before changing your diet, especially when you suffer from diabetes or another health issue, but in general, try these natural substitutions for baking and snacking:

  • shutterstock_122544253Replace the sugar called for in pies and tarts with honey or agave nectar.
  • Choose all-fruit spreads in lieu of processed jelly products.
  • Use whole or raw products when available as these contain less sugar and more natural ingredients.

You don’t have to be diabetic to know that limiting your processed sugar consumption will significantly increase your health and happiness. Having trouble finding natural sugar substitutes? Check out online shopping deals for great products and a wider selection.
[title text=”Breaking the Sugar Cycle”]

How much do you really need that piece of carrot cake sitting on the counter? In reality, the reason we eat so much sugar is because we, well, eat so much sugar. Consuming overly processed foods begins a cycle that’s hard to break free of, and over time you become addicted to the chemicals inherent in these types of foods. This means that you crave sugar because you eat sugar, and it’s very difficult to stop the cycle.

Fortunately, you can get out of the never-ending sugary loop by slowly replacing more of your processed sweets with natural goodness. In addition to replacing weeknight sweets with fruit as mentioned above, you could also try skipping sweets altogether for a week. Set a goal and stick with it. Promise to avoid sweets or a certain type of dessert for one month. You might be surprised by how little you crave sugar when the month ends.
[title text=”Pros and Cons of Artificial Sweeteners”]

You’ve probably read or seen the news on the artificial sweetener debate. There are proponents for both sides, and there are definite naysayers. While no scientific evidence has concluded definitively that artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose cause harmful side effects, the evidence remains unclear. We do know that diet sodas can actually be more harmful than regular sodas. How is that possible?


shutterstock_142015918Again, it goes back to cravings and the body’s ability to adjust its craving sensors. When you drink diet sodas, your body gets tricked into thinking that it’s getting sugar. Through a series of complex internal triggers, this process in turn gets your body ready for more food and fat. The end result is that you end up snacking more and less healthily than if you had drunk a high fructose-laden sugary soft drink in the first place. Try replacing soda with something more beneficial such as organic lemonade or natural, fruit-blended teas.



shutterstock_143649541Try limiting your sugar intake this holiday season by replacing granulated sugar with raw or stevia-based sweeteners. You can save hundreds of dollars on baking supplies and everything you need for your holiday parties by stocking up on DubLi’s unique online shopping mall portal. Investing in a great cashback incentive program will help you save up to 14 percent on everyday purchases. While an occasional slice of your grandmother’s favorite pecan pie won’t hurt you, consistent intake of sugar significantly affects your body’s overall health. Following the above-mentioned tips will help satisfy your sweet tooth without generating negative consequences.

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