With summer barely behind us, those upcoming winter holidays might seem light-years away. But bargain hunters everywhere are gearing up and getting ready. From creating holiday shopping lists to stocking up on stocking stuffers, “professional” shoppers have already begun the gift-buying frenzy that many people avoid until the last possible moment. You might scoff at these die-hard shoppers, but in reality, these early birds will sometimes find much better deals in the months leading up to the holidays than they would if they waited until after Thanksgiving. The hottest electronics, fashion accessories and more can be found online before the rush, and you can get in on the action if you know how to play the system. Here are some great tips for getting ahead on your holiday shopping, way before the post-November rush.
[title text=”Look for Deals Online”]

There’s no need to stand in impossibly long lines in the wee hours of the morning to find great deals. These days, many retailers offer just as good if not better deals on their websites. Try these tips for saving online:

  • shutterstock_1573334661Compare the cost of your items on your favorite store versus an online merchant like DubLi that combines everything into one place. You may save money on shipping by ordering everything through the same hub.
  • Use coupons found on a variety of websites to save even more. Some totally legitimate sites allow people to exchange coupons they won’t use for ones they will.
  • Check shipping rates and read the fine print carefully. While most stores offer “free shipping” when you spend a certain amount, you might actually save more by using standard shipping versus priority. After all, you’re shopping for early holiday gifts; you don’t need expedited shipping.

And while you probably know your way around your favorite retailer’s website, you might not know that additional sites offer extra savings on top of the merchant’s deals. Sites like DubLi, for example, offer cashback programs and special discounts throughout the year on brand names you love. Before you hop into your car to fight the crowds for a bargain, hop online instead and save yourself some time, money and energy.
[title text=”Sign Up for Store Rewards Cards”]



Whether you opt for the in-store route or the online plan, make sure you sign up for store rewards cards. These may differ from store credit cards. While you should be wary of store credit cards for their high interest rates and debatable advantages, store rewards cards offer you rewards without the strings. In light of customer hesitation over owning multiple credit cards, many stores have rolled out exclusive rewards cards that allow you to earn points towards future purchases without charging your purchases to a credit card. Combined with cashback programs and other discounts online, you could significantly reduce the cost of your holiday shopping.
[title text=”Take Advantage of Cashback Programs”]

shutterstock_157789874So what are cashback programs, and how can you make them work? DubLi’s cashback membership program allows you to earn money while you shop your favorite stores. Depending on the level of membership, you could earn up to 14 percent back by shopping at places like Sears, Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. You simply use their shopping mall portal to browse through your favorite brand name stores for everything from electronics and sweaters to travel arrangements and more.

You might laugh at your mom who buys all her Christmas presents in September, but she’ll be the one laughing when she saves hundreds of dollars by buying early and taking advantage of special savings. In addition to finding great deals online, you can also take advantage of layaway programs offered by select stores. This allows you to buy what you need in advance and make payments leading up to the holidays. No matter how you shop, you can always find great deals using DubLi’s shopping mall portal. Browse through designer brands and products while earning money back on everything you need to make the season brighter.

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