Summer is here, and you know what that means – time to hit the pool or finally go on that dream beach vacation you’ve been planning! Whether you’re frolicking in Hawaii or on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you’re going to want to be comfortable while still looking chic. The cover-up will provide you with the coverage you need while still providing you with the proper aesthetic to make those Instagram pics pop. Here are some cover-up styles to know this summer to help you live your best life in the sun.

Go all day long in a sarong

There’s nothing wrong… with a sarong! The beachy skirt is lightweight and long enough that you can wear it in a variety of ways. Sarongs are the party piece on this list because of their flirty but comfortable qualities. Try a bold print to really stand out or something geometric to give your ‘gram that pop of style when documenting all the outfits of your vacation. The only thing to remember, keep your swimsuit style and color in mind when pairing your sarong to avoid any contrasting combinations.

Go glam with a kaftan

The classic. The kaftan has been a favorite of fashionable celebrities like Beyonce, Blake Lively and Kate Hudson which makes it an easy and affordable beach staple to steal. Short or long, a lightweight silky kaftan can up the style factor on any look whether a bikini or one-piece while also giving you great coverage from the sun. The other great thing about the kaftan is that it comes in a large variety of prints and designs. You can really play around with this one and try something boho with a wild print or more subdued in white with some accented tassels? The choice is yours!

Turn up in a tunic

Not only is it great poolside but it’s versatile enough that you can pair it with a pair of shorts or skinny jeans for a night out while on vaca. This way you’ll save space in your suitcase and will get the most from one garment, what’s not to love? The other great aspect of the tunics versatility is that it’s one of the few items that can also be in a darker tone and still look good! If you prefer to dress on the dark side, this piece is for you. Definitely pack a tunic on your next family outing or solo getaway, it’s going to give you all the style with all the cover you need.

A wrap dress for success  

The wrap dress and summer, name a better duo… we’ll wait. In the meantime here are all the reasons why a wrap dress is going to be your go-to this summer for those beachy days. Not only is it lightweight and breathable, it offers you great coverage while still looking stylish which is exactly what you want. You can take it from the beach to the street with minimal effort because it’s one of those garments that doesn’t scream “I just came from the beach,” it’s truly multifunctional. It will give you the feminine silhouette you want without having to be uncomfortably zipped and tied up which is why you’re going to be rocking one all summer long.

Max style in a maxi

Whether you’re at the beach or not, a maxi dress is always in style which is why you should take it on your next getaway or water-filled staycation. The maxi dress provides the most coverage and is also made for both the beach or just for lounging around town. Take it from the pool to the restaurant by throwing on a statement necklace or some extra accessories and you’re transformed into a trendsetter!

Keep cool in a cardigan

Cardigan? Ok, yes a cardigan seems like the polar opposite of what you want to wear to the beach but stick with us on this one. A lightweight or crochet style cardi can be perfect to give you a little coverage while you run from the hotel to the pool. No heavy knits here, stick to the preferred rayon to ensure you’re able to withstand the heat. The crochet cardigan is one of the few garments on this list that you can get in a darker tone though remember to layer up the sunscreen to avoid awkward sun-related problems like bad tan lines. If you’re in an area that has chilly evenings, a thick cardigan can be a great savior if you find yourself staying out later than you planned.

Silky, sunny, sandy, scarf!

Again, it’s not what it sounds like. A thin silky scarf in a wild print might be perfect for wrapping up your hair from the water but in a time of need, it can also come to the rescue as a cover-up! Tie it around your hips or over one shoulder if you’re the type who loves to show off their curves! With the scarf, there are many ways to improvise and there’s no one style that you need to stick to so play around and set your own style.

Unwind in a button down

A cotton button down doesn’t seem like the obvious choice in swimsuit cover-ups but it can be super chic. This menswear-inspired item has been a beach trend for several decades so don’t rule it out! Since it’s summer, stick with lighter colors like pink, white or a baby blue depending on what suits your… suit. Opt for a white unbuttoned shirt styled with a pair of denim shorts and your suit underneath to make you the most effortlessly chic girl at the resort!


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