Summer days. Those two words are enough to awaken a lifetime of memories. And a part of the theme of your summers was your style. Your summer style influenced how you felt about yourself and, consequently, what you did. Add a touch of flair to summer twenty eighteen and who knows what new memories you’ll lock in. Flair can be added with one stylish accessory: a summer scarf. Here are five reasons you need to rock one right now.

1. Keep It Cool And Classy

The fashion capital of the world, Paris, is renowned for exuding glamour. So to expect a classy style to be born on the streets of France is no surprise.

How To Style A Cool And Classy Summer Scarf

Place your scarf at the back of your neck and bring the left and right ends together at the front of your neck. Either tie a loose double knot or fasten the sides together with a funky brooch. Adjust the tied section to the position you want it in. The tie should not be directly at the ends, rather about halfway up the section you have brought over.  

2. Fabulous Just Falls Off Of You

You know those people who just have ‘it’. Those people who, no matter what they throw on, it falls in such a way that it looks sleek.

How To Style A Fabulous-By-Nature Scarf

Put your scarf at the front of your neck and take both the left and right sides to the back of your neck. Cross the ends over at the back, then bring each side back to the front of the opposite sides and let then fall. Team this fabulous-by-nature look with a smooth summer cover-up

3. Wrap Your Strands

A summer scarf is super handy when it comes to hair control. And let’s not forget that it clears the way for your jazzy summer earrings.   

How To Style A Hair-Controlling Summer Scarf

Place your scarf, open, atop your head. Take the left side of your scarf around to the right side, moving it around the back of your neck. The scarf will reach all the way around to the other side of your neck and then over your head again in the opposite way. Do the same with the right end of the scarf. Keep your strands hydrated over the summer so when you unleash them from your scarf they are ready to go glam.

4. Bandana-Rama For Beach G-lama

The bandana look moves in and out like the tide, having said that, consider summer twenty eighteen high tides. Time to rock the bandana.

How To Style A Bandana

It is all in the fold. If you have a square scarf, fold it diagonally to make a triangle shape. The long edge of the triangle will go at your forehead with the point going towards the back of your head. Take the two remaining points of the triangle and tie a knot at the back of your head. If you want to tie your hair up then tie the knot below your fastened hair.  

A cool and casual look like this would team up perfectly with cool and casual travel hair.

5. Bow-tastic Beauty

This style is so imaginative and ideal for a day at the beach, a summer party, or simply a game of cards out the back of your house.

How To Style A Bow Scarf

Lay your scarf out on a flat surface. Fold your scarf into a rectangle shape. Take one side and fold it to away from you. You will notice the bow shape on the scarf. Iron the fold to keep it firmly in place. Tie around your head, as usual, positioning the bow where you choose.

This summer is going to be so smooth with all of this flair. Snap as many pics as possible as it will all come back in style one day and you will be the summer scarf expert. Earn up to 30% Cash Back on your purchases when you shop online via

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