England, contrary to all prenotions you may have, is full of beautiful surprises and adventures. So if you think it’s going to be like sitting down for a piece of classical piano music, you are going to be swept off your feet with some killer beats! That is England 2018 – classic with the beat turned up. Book your ticket today and visit one of most luxurious, picturesque, fun-filled English holiday destinations to holiday this summer.  

1. Add Yorkshire To Your Must-Visit List

Footprints of history date this quaint country town back to 8,000 BC and Yorkshire’s historical charm is still maintained today. Book a holiday in Yorkshire to be enchanted by the castles, astounded by the Viking and Roman heritage, and awe at the two national parks. Summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity for adventure, so get set to explore. Try to visit the ancient ruins, including Fountains Abbey and the Royal Water Garden.


Fun Fact: Ben Kingsley, who starred in Gandhi (1982), is from Yorkshire.

2. If You’ve Never Been To The Cotswolds, The Time Is Now

Situated in south-central England, the Cotswolds is a fairytale-like region built largely with Jurassic limestone. While you’re in this rustic town, frequently visited by wealthy Londoners on getaway retreats, you can visit the local wildlife park, see some of the prettiest places in England, visit the Roman and River Thames spas, and capture your memories with some of the most beautiful backgrounds England has to offer.  

3. Big City, Ahoy: London

London is a fashion, style, business, cuisine, education, and art hub. Like New York and Paris, London sets trends that the world follows. You have to make time to visit the London Eye and Big Ben, and once you’ve done that we suggest you take a walk down High Street for a delightful insight into what’s to come in fashion. If stars are in your eyes, then you should know London is a celebrity hotspot.

Stars Who Call London Home: Adele, Madonna, the Beckhams, Robbie Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sir Richard Branson, all the members of One Direction, and many more.

4. A Treasure To Discover In Cornwall

Celtic culture, beaches, mining history, and modern style, Cornwall is not what many expect in traditional England. Subtropical Cornwall has historical must-sees that will give you a healthy dose of the towns’ mining history. And once you’ve upped your historic intake, it’ll be time to relax in French Riviera-style waters at a Cornwall beach. Stylish hotels will make your evenings fabulous, so after the theatre and beach, you’ll be able to rest in stylish comfort. Book your luxury accommodation today and earn up to 60% off your hotel-booking plus extra 6% Cash Back as a VIP Rewards member.


Royal Fact: Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla, is the Duchess of Cornwall.


5. A Visit To Bath Is A Must

A UNESCO heritage site, Bath is a majestic valley, surrounded by a remarkable green countryside. A dip in Bath’s famous thermal spa water will raise your body’s mineral levels and give you the energy boost you need to visit one of the local cultural festivals, of which there are many every year. Tickets for many events can now be purchased online. Be a smart online shopper and you will get more rewards and savings on everything from routine purchases to once in a lifetime travel splurges!

6. You Cannot Go To England And Miss Sussex

Predominantly occupied by the South Downs National Park, Sussex is a county rich in history, art, nature, and fine cuisine. While there, enjoy the local tours of castles and nature parks. Or maybe head to the markets for some shopping. Spoil yourself with spa and wellbeing treatments, or discover the best of the art and culture scene.


Royal Fact: American, Meghan Markle was given the title Duchess of Sussex.

England is calling… time to answer. Book your family getaway, travel blogging vacation, solo excursion, holiday with your loved one, or the girl gang now to experience England’s best season, summer. For exclusive Cash Back and members-only discounts on your bookings, become a VIP Rewards member for just $4.99 per month or $49 per year and get ready to live life to the fullest!  

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