It’s no longer a new year, rather we are “knee deep into the new year”. And being knee deep means the year is on the go, but you still may not be in the swing of 2018. Well, spring is the best time to get things in motion. The weather is good, the parties are illustrious, and the birth of new beauty in nature inspires everyone. At such a beautiful time, what is the only thing that could stop our dreams from coming true? The budget. But the misconception that springtime fun is only as good as you can afford it to be is about to be shattered. Here are five things you can do this season that will not cost the earth but that will have the value of it.  

1. Dance In The Dark And Swim In The Rain

School’s out (for a little at least) and the kids can finally take a mental break to recharge.

This is why there is no better time than spring to get inspired and create some memories. The essence of these unforgettable memory-making activities is to do things differently to discover new ways to enjoy usual things whilst igniting your senses. Sensation-Awakening Activities:  Foot Painting: Like finger painting, but with your feet! This can be water paint or normal paint. Fill a small tub with paint, let your feet get colored up then get stepping on a piece of paper. Yoga at the water’s edge: Sit by the water close to the beach shore and sync your yoga with the sounds. Why this is memorable: not only will it keep the kids busy but it will give you a colorful piece of art that you’ll be able to look back at with fond memories.

2. Holiday Like Royalty – On A Budget

Welcome to the new century where exclusive packages are no longer something only minimal numbers can be privy to. This is now your reality. The finest hotels realized that rather than having empty rooms, people who want a getaway will take one if the price is right. Empty rooms now occupied at prices guests are willing to pay. This means that in many cases, you can stay in a five-star hotel for a four-star price or even less. It is better to book your regal escape early, but there are many last minute deals available. Visit, select the online travel site that matches your needs, and earn Cash Back on your booking. It is savings atop of savings!

3. Host Your Own Platinum Party

The platinum experience is at your fingertips. Expect a handful of parties to be held while this weather lasts, but yours could be the party to dominate all parties. And all it will take is you adding and adhering to a fun theme. In this case, platinum-themed party. How to host a platinum party: 1. Color theme your party room (the white, black, silver, gold mix is ideal for a platinum party); 2. Glasses and ice aplenty; 3. Ensure the room is impeccably immaculate by minimizing how many things are placed in the party area; 4. Create beautiful invitations for your guests; 5. Consider having a dress color themed party as it will make for great photos and also create a hashtag for your party and encourage guests to use it when they post their pics, 6. Serve light snacks. 7. Have a blast!

4. Get Road Trippin’

Grab your bestie, your car keys, and put the pedal to the metal as you go somewhere new. Most places in the world have quirky towns within a few hours reach of each other that are worlds apart in terms of their cultures and norms. Heading out to a new region for a road trip will give your activities for the season a real infusion; heading from city to country will give you a big-fish-little-pond boost.


If you’re feeling more adventurous, plan a spontaneous getaway to some of these amazing spring/ summer destinations!

5. Give Your Days A Theme

Unusual days are days the Mad Hatter would have been responsible for pioneering. The quirk factor can be anything that comes to mind, think colors! For example, one day could be dedicated to only wearing blue, to take 5 photos of unusual blue things, and eat at least one blue food. Yes… it is a little different. But it is by being unusual that we live lives not usually expected. And it is these experiences that will make life more memorable.


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