Seasonal tones represent the colors traditionally seen during a particular time of year. Basically, every season has a green, but knowing which shade will make you in-seasonal-style. And who doesn’t want a home that fits the mood of the time? Here are the colors we love this season and how you can introduce them to your world.

2018 Savvy Shades

The color pop trend dominated winter, and it looks as though spring will see another installment of the same shades, but in spring colors which are not as vibrant as winter hues that include softer tones. But alongside these stunning neutrals, you’ll see sophisticated shades of red, yellow, green, purple, blue, and even pink. 

2018 Colors Include

True red, warm red, watermelon, coffee, light rust, clear red, red-orange, tangerine, light yellow gold, camel, sage, yellow gold, jade, true green, mint, green olive, cider aqua, teal, light navy, purple, light violet.

The Inspiration

The color trends of Spring  2018 have been inspired by the definitive outdoor olive garden color tones. Rather than blending together, colors of the same palette are dichotomous. The tones are sharp, rich, and assertive – even the neutrals.

Color Themes

How you choose to color your surroundings is critical. This year, expect to see less exclusively monotone rooms and more contrasting and vivid designs. Here are three color themes to take inspiration from:


1. One Shade, Multiple Tones

Mixing various shades of a particular color will highlight important areas of your room and allow others to appear more spacious.

How it’s done: the hot seasonal tone of violet. A deep violet will make your room appear small, but a light violet makes your room appear more open, t. This color theme works particularly well if you are painting your walls, but otherwise, covering a lounge with a light violet cover and placing deep violet throw cushions allow you to capture the style of the season and manipulate the look of your furniture. A rich tablecloth with light dining chair covers makes your dining table appear sharp.  

2. Multiple Shades

Using a range of colors from the olive garden color palette is a very confident and structured design strategy. This year you will see a lot of green, brown, neutral combinations as they capture the essence of the garden. But there will also be tangerines, light yellows, and reds appearing for the more extravagant designers.

How it’s done: Select your tones based on your wall and floor colors. The colors you choose will have to fit with the wall and floor colors to work. If you have white walls, the white you select will have to be the exact same tone as buttercream walls. If you have a yellow wall shade but do not want intrusive colors, opt for gold neutrals to blend your colors with. has all your favorite stores from which you can shop for everything you need for your Spring-ready home. Check out our wide variety of store sites to find the color trends that meet your needs and earn Cash Back when you make your beautifying home purchases.

3. Neutral with a color pop

A solid color is easy to work with, can be mixed with various tones of its same base, and is easier to get longevity from. But sometimes a seasonal color is going to grab your eye and then your heart. If you have fallen in love with a seasonal color but prefer neutral living, you can easily get the best of both worlds by adding your fave new tone as an add-in.

How it’s done: Find the seasonal pick that falls within the tones of the main color you like. For example, if you are looking for a red, spring shades include true red and deep red. Ensuring all of your other colors are varied versions of the spring color palette, decide where you can add the color you want and if you want it to be dominant or not. If not, add it as a small rug, throw cushion, curtain holder, or even as a solid piece of symmetrical art on your wall. If you would like it to be more dominant than your neutral color, ensure that they work together and then decide whether you want your color pop to be a curtain shade or a larger rug. It is not uncommon for a dominant color pop tone to be found as the lounge color, with a mix of neutral cushions, rugs, wall accents, and curtains. This theme is very confident.


Step. Step. Spring! The change of season is getting everyone giddy with excitement as the coming season begins the flamboyant months of parties, lazy weekends, beautiful photos in nature that has come to bloom, and a wide mix of other fabulous things, including fresh juices, holidays to outrageous destinations, and fashion we can’t wait to stick our teeth into.  


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