The new academic year can be exciting, nerve-racking, and super busy, as you check off everything you’ve put on your “Must Buy” list. You’ve got yourself the best wardrobe? Writing gear? Devices? Now it’s time to remember the digital support you’ll need: the software. With the epic advancement of technology and the growth of the “e-world”, software and apps have developed from being simply something great to have to something that’ll push you a step ahead in a very busy, competent world. We’ve found the best things you’ll need for the 2017 learning year.


University and School Project and Skill Development Software

“Assignment Due Date” – three words that are a part of your daily vocabulary during terms/semesters. Here are three more to introduce: “Assignment well done”. Brilliant research and writing skills may be the key to outstanding grades, but well presented and accurately formatted work makes all the difference. well-executed assignments, your work, skills, and abilities will speak for you when communicating everything you know to your teachers. And let’s not forget: learning how to use office software has become a basic skill and later a necessary CV competency.

What You Need

Microsoft Office 365 University: everything you need for assignments (Word), to presentations (Powerpoint), to spreadsheets (Excel), and more.

Device Compatibility: Can be installed on systems running Windows 7 and later, and Mac, so whatever your device, you’re covered.

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Language Software

Many scientists have said that speaking multiple languages can not only slow the aging of the brain, it can also make you smarter – and with over 2,500 languages spoken worldwide, you’ve got a wide range of options to choose from. As advanced technologies see more remote, international desks, and flexible career opportunities, this year is the one to take hold of the reins of your future and begin developing more skills independently, challenging the status quo.


What You Need

Language software will give you what you need to learn how to read, speak, and write a new language. Pimsleur language software offers software for the learning of over 30 languages.


Digital, Art & Design Software

Whether you were born with a creative calling and have spent your life drawing images on every piece of paper you can get your hands on, or you’ve signed up for a graphics class next term/semester and want to have the tool of creation you need at home, digital software is what you’re looking for. You may have basic and very simple apps to edit photos, but digital software is a new world of creation excellence.


What You Need

Corel Photo Video Bundle: with advanced photo and video editing software you will be able to add better digital textures and effects to your shots, revise clips, and more. This software is available from Corel, and you can Earn Cash Back when you Purchase via


Science Kids

Entertainment and learning come together to feed the brains of the next generation in a setting they know best – the digital one! Science has, in recent years, become a greater focus of learning around the world, and while young learners find certain science topics intellectually stimulating, without a strong foundation they may give up on learning too easily. Supporting and encouraging your child’s learning by taking it into their gaming and computer world might change how they view science for life.


What You Need

Science Curriculum apps from Blue Apprentice will teach your kids the scientific skills they need to help their alien friends while on a galactic adventure. Looking for the perfect laptop? Get to know more about how to pick from the best laptops of 2017.


Device Security

Where there’s light, there’s darkness, right? So where there are phenomenal advancements in technology, we can only assume there’s as great of a development in destructive and malicious digital threats. And given how much time students spend behind computers and how much of their important information and files are stored in them, making sure their personal content is never compromised is vital.



What You Need

There are a number of excellent device security software providers, including Norton Antivirus and Detector Pro. They’ll not only protect your data but also fight viruses that sneak past standard security – and don’t forget: these providers are on top of current security threats. Visit’s Software & Apps category to see what’s available for you.


Professionally Managed Social Media

Are you a budding entrepreneur at university running a number of social media pages that need full-time management? Proper running of social media can help you maintain your pages better and boost organic growth. But to manage everything while analyzing the data can take a lot more time than you have, and that’s why software catered to your personalized goals are here to make life easier!


What You Need

Social management software such as HootSuite will improve your pages for you and help guide you on when to post and the most effective times depending on your audience.

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This year, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips and can begin taking your skill-level to soaring heights. And the best part? It doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune to get it! By simply shopping online via, you’ll Earn Cash Back for your Purchases. It’s like learn-to-earn and you’ll earn-to-learn.

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