The holidays came and flew by leaving you a stressed mess with less money in your pocket due to all that Christmas shopping and festive excursions. You tirelessly ran through the month making sure your loved ones had everything they needed for the special holiday. But now that the season is over, you’re in a complete state of debilitation as if waking up from a holiday hangover. That’s why with this new year, new you in bloom, it’s important to take time to pamper yourself like you deserve.


Indulge in a Treat

Whether it’s those red bottom heels you’ve been longing for, or that Java Chip Frappuccino (venti-sized, of course) that you’ve been craving, get it! We live in a great era of female independency, where it’s not just totally fine to splurge on yourself, it’s encouraged! Just be sure to shop smart and save whenever possible so that you can keep spoiling yourself.


Take a Bubble Bath

In the age of lush bath bombs and rich bath oils, why aren’t you taking more baths? A nice long bubble bath with an added touch of nutrient-filled bath fizzies is a fantastic way to unwind at the end of the day and rejuvenate your body. Rest your eyes from staring at screens and turn up some soothing music, like Sade or the likes and just be present in the moment of relaxation.


Get a Mani-Pedi

You may not realize it, but our hands are often in our peripheral vision, so give yourself something beautiful to look at and pamper yourself with a nice manicure and pedicure. Book a slot at your favorite nail salon, or to the one that offers the best massage chairs and beverages and get your nails did. If going to a nail salon seems a bit out of budget, you can still enjoy your own at-home services with a great selection of gel nail polish and ready to use nail art designs at your favorite beauty store.  



Meditation, you’ve probably heard a celebrity or four swear by its benefits, and maybe they’re onto something. Meditation is a practice that encourages the mind to slow down to achieve a clear mentality and an emotionally calm state, if only for a little bit. We all know how demanding and hectic the modern world can be. Dedicating a simple ten to fifteen minutes a day can help you bring inner peace and balance to your life. It will help you focus your attention on the important things.


Practice Self-Love

You deserve to love yourself fully and unconditionally. It can be challenging since we’re stuck in our own minds every second of the day, especially when we’re often comparing ourselves to (mostly photoshopped) Instagram models. Remind yourself every day how incredible you are. Think of your achievements, the things you love about yourself, and the characteristics that make you specialwrite them down to return to when needed. Leave yourself self-indulgent love notes around the house. Write in a journal as often as possible, and keep reminding yourself of your greatness. Throw on your favorite sexy outfit and that delightfully lushful scent just for yourself, look in the mirror and say, “Dang, girl, work it!” Make yourself a believer.


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