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Summer is here, yall! My kiddos are out for the summer and it’s officially Memorial Day weekend!! Who is traveling this weekend? We are headed out of the country for the first time with the kiddos next week…say a prayer for us!

Dubli Saving on Summer 01

I have been doing a lot of shopping for summer months with travel plans and the kids growing so quickly, so I wanted to share one of the ways I’m saving money buying everything the kids need for summer! is my GO TO for saving money and giving me the best deals and even cash back to keep shopping! At you can choose from more than 12,000 shops with a variety of brands from fashion, design and travel to electronics, furniture, food and much more. Everything is there!

Dubli Saving on Summer 02

Dubli Saving on Summer 08

How do you use it? You simply register for free! Then you find your where you want to shop, you buy whatever it is you need and then just sit back and wait till your discount shows up on your account! The cash is ready to withdraw when you want it! On top of the cash back discount you can stack coupons and discount codes the retailer may offer.

Dubli Saving on Summer 06

You can shop by category, retailer or shop the coupons available for the time period. This has made shopping for growing kids so easy! I have been recently shopping the Baby and Kids category that has brands like Children’s Place, Buy Buy Baby and more! If you are expecting or a new mom, you can even get 8% cash back on your breast pump if purchased through Aeroflow (where I got my Spectra S1) on!

Dubli Saving on Summer 05

Dubli Saving on Summer 04

If you are shopping for any reason and looking to save, definitely check out and bookmark to get cash back and make you feel a little less guilty about spending money on those summer clothes that your kids will outgrow so quickly!

Dubli Saving on Summer 07

Dubli Saving on Summer 08

Have you tried a cash-back site like Dubli? It’s been the easiest one I’ve ever tried and I’m so thankful to have found it! We save percentages on everything purchased and even have some cash to set back for savings! It’s a win-win and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use it!




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