As the first and largest Cash Back website in the Middle East, is no foreigner to local traditions. With a large regional headquarters in Dubai, their local presence and ability to engrain the company culture into local traditions is what distinguishes Dubli from other Cash Back sites around the world. Dubli embraces the rich heritage of Middle Eastern traditions by availing customers easy access to products and services they require during the season of Ramadan. There are few shops on that identify with and touch the Islamic spirit as much as NET-A-PORTERBy creating a specialty capsule of chic looks, one would hardly know that NET-A-PORTER wasn’t based in the Middle East itself 

Ramadan, the holiest month of the year, is an uplifting and spiritual time for Muslims. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is a means for demonstrating self-control, expressing gratitude, and lending itself towards compassion for those less fortunate. It is a month of spiritual rejuvenation with a laser focus on devotion by way of spending more time than usual reading the Qur’an and making special prayers. Muslims welcome Ramadan as a time for self-reflection, discipline, and spiritual growth. Ramadan is also an exceptionally social time where families, friends, and guests meet to share meals and to make prayer usually in breath-taking mosques. Think of the pristine mosques for those who make the pilgrimage to Mecca or the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The Grand Mosque is so unbelievably impeccable that one steps through the entryway with nothing less than a brilliant sense of panache.  

Muslims across the globe respect the celebration of Ramadan as much by their actions as by their appearance.  A significant concern is put forth towards exuding a sense of elegance and bravura. As a favorite luxury shopping destination for Muslims, particularly in the Middle East, NET-A-PORTER reserves a section of their site towards recognizing the importance of Ramadan with an exclusive capsule for more modest dress codes.  Believe this…, seeing this capsule will leave you in awe of how appealing modest clothing can be. From gorgeous flattering gowns to lots of love for Gucci and Gucci and more Gucci, please take me back to a time where fashion and modesty weren’t overshadowed by cold shoulder or peek-a-boo sleeves and shorty shorts. NET-A-PORTER has outdone itself with this capsule so much so that the Met Gala’s Camp theme last week is of no consequence. A virtual luxury dream, I have yet to find a maxi dress, clutch, or earrings in this entire capsule that I wouldn’t wish for from Santa Claus for the rest of my days.  Asking a blogger to look at the endless pages of sheer deliciousness, I don’t know where to start.   

From shabby chic to full-on glam, there is so much to choose from; I couldn’t possibly pick just one fave! You’ll find quite a few gowns with either built-in or detachable capes. Either way, it’s a look. In shoes, mostly sandals, however, mule style as opposed to high heels. The handbags are to die for, as in one gets better than the next, how could anyone decide? Here goes a few of my absolutely couldn’t resist.  

As a big fan of tulle, it’s no wonder that this Oscar De La Renta Embellished silk-lamé and tulle gown stopped me dead in my tracks. Available in three different tones, oversized sleeves with dainty bows at the wrist, this gown is exclusive to NET-A-PORTER. They are paired with Prada’s scalloped metallic sandals and an elegant Gucci horse-bit bracelet, ever so delicate and refined. To round off the package, the Anita Ko long Cascade 18-karat white gold diamond earrings, are just what the doctor ordered.  



There is no shortage of pops of bright colors this season in the Modern Dress capsule, from bright cherry reds to peach and green apple hues. Among our favorites is this Roksanda striped pleaded silk-satin maxi dress. It’s no wonder this dress has made NET-A-PORTER’s seasonal pick list. Given its lovely flow, you’ll never have to worry about eating too much during the evening meal. The length gives way to accommodate both heels or flats, whichever you prefer. 



What makes NET-A-PORTER a fashion favorite is their recommendation engine. Many women can spot the type of apparel they enjoy, but most can’t pull together a full ensemble. If you’re going to invest in a gown that will stand the test of time, don’t stop there. Complete the outfit with the right shoes, stylish handbag, and jewelry as well. It’s downright heartbreaking to see a couture gown unfortunately paired with an old strappy bag or shoes that you wore in the 80s. Treat yourself and invest in the package with NET-A-PORTERs help. 

With Ramadan in full swing, means Eid is on the horizon. Eid being the holiday to celebrate the end of Ramadan and where gift giving is conventional. While differing slightly from country to country, the underlying premise of Eid is to celebrate with the giving of gifts, especially to children. It is also a time of year where many Muslims start their summer travels. The festival of Eid based on a foundation of kindness and generosity tends to be a significant shopping era for customers. 



One last gown from the modest collection that will make anyone feel like the belle of the ball, royalty or red carpet ready. We simply have to share this exquisite, magnificent and striking ruffled plisse silk organza gown from Valentino, the embodiment of haute couture with so much dress, a simple mule sandal will more than suffice. We love this Jimmy Choo Lynn crystal embellished suede sandal with a star as this dress just screams stardom.  


If you live in the Middle East and have not yet shopped at NET-A-PORTER, use promo codeFIRST10to get 10% off your first NET-A-PORTER order, subject to terms and conditions. And don’t forget to take advantage of free worldwide shipping over 200 GBP. 


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