They often say, “the devil is in the details,” and when it comes to much of life it’s what we focus most on. Detail, in particular, is the keyword when distinguishing between the Apple MacBook and the ASUS ZenBook 3. When shopping for laptops, it’s easy to get confused about what sets them apart. Some might be concerned with the weight, for others, it’s the processor speed that matters. While both ‘books’ are pretty awesome and have their own distinguishing strengths, choosing the ultimate book isn’t that simple. To make your shopping easier, here’s how we think Apple and ASUS compare:

Apple MacBook

It’s not an Air. It’s not a Pro. It’s a straight up Macbook.

ASUS Zenbook 3

Released to set new standards and supported by a massive campaign to raise awareness of what it offers, this was designed with the intention of being the best.


Since it’s not 1995 it won’t be a 10-pound book but you wouldn’t have expected it to be; you’ll expect it to be as light as possible. The weights of these books are near parallel. The ever-so slightly lower weight of ASUS makes it the lighter option.

ASUS ZenBook 3


Apple MacBook



Size does matter:

It’s a book –  you probably need to slip it easily into your bag or backpack. Once again, the sizes are going head-to-head. Both books are the slimmest available with minimal sizes.

ASUS ZenBook 3

11.65 x 7.53 x 0.47 inches

Apple MacBook

11.04 x 7.74 x 0.14-0.52 inches

Color options:

Selecting a ‘book’ that suits your personal style is an exciting option when choosing the one you’ll take home. The beautiful colors available make these books even more fun. You will pay extra for ASUS’s Royal Blue, but it will also mean your keyboard will have a funky matching color. Worth it or not? You decide!

ASUS ZenBook 3

Rose Gold, Quartz Gray, Royal Blue

Apple MacBook

Rose Gold, Space Gray, Gold, Silver

Display, the bigger, the better?

Is size all that matters? Or does quality take the cake? Apple has a long established reputation for quality display, so there’s no surprise that it’s carried over to the MacBook

ASUS ZenBook 3

1920 x 1080 pixels

Apple MacBook

2304 x 1440 pixels


Performance is key:

The power underneath the machinery might be the most important thing you consider when choosing the best book. The details are once again very similar, but the ASUS performance has been said to be slightly better than that of the MacBook.

ASUS ZenBook 3

Core i5 7th Generation Kaby Lake CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD

Apple MacBook

Core m3 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD


Pump up the Audio:

Whether you’re listening to your favorite song, talking to your friend overseas, or listening to your university lecture, a good quality audio system is a must. Apple MacBook has higher volume levels, but ASUS ZenBook 3 has more speakers that provide a more rounded sound system rather than a blast.


Both books have low-resolution, forward-facing cameras. The ASUS ZenBook 3’s camera produces clearer shots than the Apple MacBook though. However, some prefer the less precise effect for cameras used at close range to the face.


The purpose of a book is to give users the option to have an easy-to-use, portable device – so maybe that’s why neither of these books have more than 1 USB C-port, which are also used for charging both books. However, another pro for the ASUS ZenBook 3 is that it comes with a Multiport Adapter (you have to buy this separately for an  Apple MacBook.

Battery Life:

When the charger and USB share the same port, you want to have a good battery life (in case you need the USB port to connect your smartphone or external storage!). And due to the book’s portable nature, not having to carry your charger around would make life easier. The MacBook offers an extra hour of battery life which can make a world of difference for those on the go and looking for the best travel features. However, if 8 hours is enough for you, either option is worthy.

ASUS ZenBook 3

7-8 hours

Apple MacBook 2016

8-9 hours


Money vs Brand:

ASUS ZenBook 3 is more affordable than Apple MacBook.

Let’s sum it all up to help you pick:  


Asus Zenbook 3

Apple MacBook 2016














So the winner is… you! Both options are exemplary and can benefit anybody depending on their criteria. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure you 
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