“Online shopping? Of course! Throughout the last decade, online shopping has brought down physical barriers giving everyone the opportunity to interact and be part of the digital world. Today, many have fallen in love with the versatility of e-Commerce. And more often than not, the possibilities of online shopping surpass those of the standard brick-and-mortar shopping malls.

This means you could be shopping for Thanksgiving meal ingredients one minute, and renewing your car insurance the next! Moreover, online shopping provides unmatched convenience: shop from your couch whenever you want, choose between various payment methods, easily compare alternatives online – and deals and discounts are the cherries on top!

As a continuously growing number of people worldwide become familiar with e-tail shopping, the following tips will become second nature, making online shopping an ‘all that and a bag of chips’ style experience.

TIP 1: Get to know what’s available

You might be surprised to see how many online shopping sites (aka e-tailers) there are. Once upon a time, there were only one or two major e-tailers, but now there’s a multitude to satisfy every possible need.

Fun Fact: What are the most popular online purchases?

Apparel, travel-related purchases such as discounted hotel rooms, electronics, and groceries. Dubli.com has more than 12,000 brand name stores to shop from, so the choice is yours!

Tip 2: Get faster search results  

When everything you could dream of is literally at-your-fingertips, it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment, and decide you have to have something that’s caught your eye. And how does online shopping help? There are a number of options that enable you to filter what you see. Based on filters such as price (sorted by low to high and vice versa), meaning that within seconds, you can see items at prices that suit your preferences. Plus, you can further sort by category, color, size, and other variables so you can manage both money and time spent.

Choose a prime reference point:

Rather than performing an online search for, say, ‘Online grocery stores in (your area)’, it is helpful to make the dubli.com site your first stop. Select the Category you want to shop from, then browse the e-tailers and travel agents available in your region or just make use of the search bar in the navigation to find your preferred store. Then simply click on the brand you want to buy from and shop as you would usually do at your favorite online store. You’ll earn Cash Back every time you make a purchase via dubli.com. It’s user-friendly, easy, and, most importantly, rewarding.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the e-tailer’s free shipping conditions

“Free Shipping. Terms and Conditions apply.” When you shop, it is always important to remember to pay attention to detail.

After spending a lot of time filling your cart you are eager to make your purchase, so you speedily click the Checkout button. But sometimes in those conditions, you tick all of the eligibility boxes for free shipping when you spend $200 or more. Realizing this after your purchase can be frustrating, especially when your order totaled to $195!

Always make a point of reading the conditions. More often than not, there will be a page about free shipping (you can typically find it by clicking on the words ‘Free Shipping’) that highlights key eligibility conditions so you actually don’t have to read as much as you may think. Don’t check out until you’ve gotten all you can from the experience.

Tip 4: Get more back by shopping during promotions and teaming it with Cash Back

The online marketplace has rewards at every corner, er, ah… click. And you don’t need to carry a particular card to benefit. Flash sales, last chance buys and, Cash Back merely for purchasing on a site you were going to shop at anyway… the benefits are seemingly endless.

If online is your primary way to shop, then you should be shopping or booking with VIP privileges. The Dubli.com’s VIP membership caters to everyone’s needs offering higher Cash Back and member-only savings.

Tip 5: Take a good look around the site you’re shopping on

E-tailers will advertise promotions, have pop-ups inform you of deals you could be getting, etc. But that is only one side of savings. There is a whole other area that does not make the promotions, called “sales” or “last chance” buy pages and they’re often tucked away behind New Arrivals. Use Tip 3 to get the most out of these savings while they’re available.

Have a movie night on your schedule?

Order your delicious, concession-style treats online to truly bring the theater experience to your home.

Tip 6: Choose the payment method that suits your comfort level

Pay however you feel comfortable since there are a number of options available. Some opt for cash on delivery while others prefer to pay by card. Many online shoppers now use e-wallet, PayPal, card on delivery, or wireless debit card payment. Bottom line is there are numerous ways to pay for your shopping endeavors.

Tip 7: Get to know your favorite online stores

E-commerce is defined by the personalized attention. You can be reading the news online and a dress that matches the shoes you recently purchased pops up on the screen at a price within your budget. This is not chance; it’s digital evolution.

How to take advantage of the personalized experience

If you aren’t happy with your order, call the e-tailers call center and speak to them. Do the same if there is something they could do to make the experience better. You may hear the same voice every other time, they will know you by name, and the experience will be even better.

Tip 8: Turn interest into a habit to make online shopping (and saving cash) the norm

Now that you are aware that Dubli is your one-stop-shop for everything you need, add it to your browser bookmarks. Shopping via dubli.com will always ensure you get the best value for your money.

Tip 9: Make life easy for yourself: sign in with your social account

Most sites can easily connect to a social media account, so rather than having to input your name, email, address, and mobile number for each site you’d like to shop from, just click “Login with Facebook,” for example, and the site will log you in instantly. What a time saver!

Tip 10: Read the newsletters and emailers

Dubli.com regularly sends out great promotions, which can maximize your savings! Explore free shipping offers, deals, sales, coupons and, promo codes. Click on the offer you like, log in to dubli.com, and then go to the store. You’re just three steps away from getting rewarded! Become the discount guru who has everything AND saves at the same time! Make sure you are subscribed.

Gone are the days of paying everything and getting nothing in return for it. A new market has been born, and you’re a vital part of it. Sign up with Dubli today, and have a look at the many online stores now offering outrageously good online shopping deals. Get clicking, and start earning Cash Back for every purchase made via dubli.com today!


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