Nurseries have traditionally consisted of walls and bedding bathed in either pink or baby blue, depending on the gender. Occasionally a splash of green or yellow popped up if the gender was still an unknown. But luckily, times have changed with the proliferation of modern, neutral nursery ideas — a baby’s room no longer has to narrowly follow gender lines and can be a space they’ll grow into. Be inspired by nursery and kid room decor they’ll grow into for years to come.

What’s one of the first rules to providing a comfortable, soothing space for your baby? Choosing a style you love. There are so many ways to create a nursery room that blends beautifully with your personal style — beautiful, creative, and cozy gender-neutral spaces are comforting for everyone who steps foot in the room.

Infuse Your Style

If you’re still digging on your antique furniture or rocking chevron stripes in your living room, don’t be afraid to take some of those same elements as inspiration for your little one’s room. This traditional room looks like it burst from the pages of a nursery rhyme book, but it still has a touch of modern that makes the space lovely for both parents and children.

Also, embrace color by using it intentionally in the space. This little girl’s nursery evokes femininity with its pink and purple patterns that can easily be swapped for some navy or gold to create a sophisticated, yet fun room for your little man.

This white room is a great example of how less really is more; because (of course) a sweet, simple space is always inviting. This room would be the perfect place for you to sit back and relax with your baby while reading a story or singing a song together.

Leave Room to Grow

And don’t forget — before you can blink your baby will be a toddler, and then a big kid. Leave room for your child’s art or favorite toys by providing ample storage and room for them to grow. This older child’s space could have easily been converted from a neat, modern nursery room just by switching out the crib. Remember that you are providing a place for all their memories, so make sure you think of the future when you’re decorating your children’s rooms!

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From Crib to Kid - Room Decor They'll Grow Into

Enjoy creating a space for your new baby that they’ll grow to love

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