Living a fast paced lifestyle, we gain 70% of our knowledge from social media and television. But, how reliable is this content? Books are more often than not thoroughly researched, edited, and then re-edited until they are the best versions of themselves. There is no better mentor than books and no better way to learn than by reading.

The world is full of experiences, and books enable us to take a sneak peek into other’s perspectives. Whether you prefer educational content, fictions, autobiographies, self-help, comedies, or romance; there is a book for every need and emotion.

Knowledge from the past: Books are a means for the past to communicate with us. So many great leaders and mentors aren’t alive to share their knowledge anymore. But books have the power to bring their experiences and perspectives back to life. Reading can help you learn from others mistakes and help devise ways for you to get around obstacles – improving your chances and speeding up success.

If you are intrigued by current topics and leaders of the new age, join us in our wait for the books written by Michelle and Barack Obama to be published.

Awakens your imagination: Books have the ability to shake up your dormant imagination and make you more alert in ways movies can’t. When reading about a personality, place or event; it’s your brain that needs to come up with a mental image.

Reading before bed can help you sleep: Think of it as training your brain. If you make it a point to read for 30 minutes before bedtime, your brain will pick up on the routine and follow the pattern to help you shut down more peacefully.

Explore new worlds: Books transport you to the premises of the story. They possess the ability to expose you to cultures, places, and people you have never encountered. Depending on what you are reading you could experience being trapped in a dungeon with ferocious dragons, taking a deep breath before skydiving in New Zealand or witnessing the World War II as and when it took place.

Reading for relaxation: While reading for knowledge takes the highest pedestal, reading for relaxation can help you unwind, disconnect, declutter your thoughts and forget your worries.  

If you haven’t fancied reading all your life, start small. Begin with a novel on a topic that interests you the most. Once you feel more comfortable with your reading routine, move on to topics that ignite your curiosity. Literature, history, medical sciences, memoirs or fiction; no matter what you choose to read and whether or not they are best sellers, books are sure to strengthen your vocabulary and make you a smarter, confident, and a more empathetic person.

A book we recommend is the quite sought after THE MYTH OF THE STRONG LEADER by Archie Brown. According to Bill Gates, in the book, “Brown argues that the leaders who make the biggest difference in office, and change millions of lives for the better, are the ones who collaborate, delegate, and negotiate – the ones who recognize that no one person can or should have all the answers.” There is no way to access this sort of knowledge and insight without reading the book. There simply are no shortcuts!

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