How to Shop Online and Earn Rewards

We’re so used to dining out and going on little shopping sprees here and there. Grab a drink here, stop in for a few accessories there… sounds innocent enough right? If you’re not careful, these outings can end up costing more than you want so figuring out a way to save while still enjoying yourself is key. We have a few suggestions about how you can have the best of both worlds (even on your phone) while still saving.

Ball on a Budget

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Easier said than done, right? While a budget might be time consuming and tough to start, it’s going to save you a lot of time and cash when you get the hang of it. Understanding your spending habits is the first step towards making a lasting change, so put in the hard work to get the big reward.

Tip: Try carrying only cash when you go out, so you feel how much you’re spending and have a visual representation right in your hands. It’s easy to spend without registering the full amount when we don’t see it via credit card so sometimes we end up going overboard.

Use Coupons

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Coupons are the modern way of saving and today’s coupons offer more than you might expect.

With Dubli, you can stack coupons from your favorite stores with Cash Back to maximize your savings. Not only that, but the VIP membership gives you access to the SaversGuide® and $100 Discount Dining Dollars to help you save. The SaversGuide® will give you $300 worth of coupons to use at your local stores and boutiques, so even when you walk by your favorite store, you can hop in without guilt to grab that dress or belt you’ve been eyeing. Not only that but you’ll be able to access them from your phone thanks to the SaversGuide® app.

Dining out with coupons is also a breeze if you do it right. There’s no shame in saving a little cash and having a nice meal out, especially if it means you can do it more often. With the VIP membership you’ll have access to $100 Discount Dining Dollars at your disposal to spend at your local food hotspots.

Sign up for Rewards

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Signing up online for rewards accounts can be a great way to save, but sign up for numerous accounts, and you’ll find yourself bombarded with nonstop emails. What you need is a one-stop-shop rewards program that will help you save online and offline while still shopping at the places you love. is the one-stop-shop you need that will not only give you Cash Back but has great discounts and stackable deals that you can use at over 12,000 of your favorite brand name stores. Now you don’t have to remember all your passwords to all the different websites you love because will be your go-to.

Shop Online

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The way to save on your daily spending is to do most of it online. Shopping online will help you save by providing many deals that regular stores don’t, and because you’ll be saving so much online, you can splurge a little when you do choose to shop brick-and-mortar.

Become a VIP

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The best way to enjoy all the little things in life, like a nice dinner out or a little personal splurge is by joining as a VIP member where all your shopping comes with an extra 2% Cash Back. It will unlock amazing savings opportunities that go beyond shopping to travel, leisure, entertainment and more. Luckily for you, is doing an exclusive promotion for a limited time that will give you a massive gift worth $400 when you sign up or upgrade as a VIP anytime during December, January, and February and you’ll get a complimentary exclusive gift of unlocked SaversGuide® and $100 Discount Dining Dollars. The VIP membership is only $99 for a 12-month period, but the savings will make it pay for itself and then some! You’ll be living like a VIP in no time.

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