Inspired by the organic nature of life, the lantern has lit its way into the digital generation’s living room. A sustainable alternative to lighting, the lantern regained its charismatic charm in recent years as the world was charmed by the Chinese lantern festival held on the 12th of February each year. But you needn’t wait until February to light things up. You can begin your own traditions at your next evening in by adding this enchanting accessory to your home, making every evening as magical as the last.

1. Arabian Nights

The tales of Arabia brought lanterns like this to life. Lanterns were long used to light Arabian desert majlis’ as the bakhoor burned, belly-dancers shook to the beat of the oud, and tales of genies awoke imaginations. These lanterns light indoor areas well and can be set up in the living room or bedside tables. Did you just rub a lamp? The genie came out and is granting you your online shopping wish of savings and Cash Back every time you purchase via Lucky you!

2. Affixed Hanging Lanterns

A dedication to a sustainable future, the affixed hanging lantern is the home-decor must-have of the green millennial. The days of using energy-harmful electricity are coming to an end in the home of more and more people. Investing in solar energy to power electrical devices at homes is the way of the future, and the hanging lantern is adding the human side to the changes.

3. The Enchanted Mughal Lantern

Before Indian cinema had the world dancing and singing in movie theatres to love stories any man or woman would dream to live in, there was palaces, kingdoms, literature, fantasies, and enchanting stories. And lighting the halls of the palaces were fantastically designed lanterns with henna-like details surrounding the flame.

4. Karuna Design Lantern

Some lanterns truly appreciate the value of light and allow it to do everything it can… these are those lanterns! These decorative lanterns have designs on their edges and when the light of the candle beams through the sides you can get the patterns projected onto your walls.

5. Rustic Wood Lantern

A quick trip to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches might be in your dreams but not on the cards, but you can still sneak a little beach culture into your next dinner party with these wooden and glass lanterns. Ideal for an outdoor dinner, some decorative hosts like to sprinkle sand on their table around the lantern’s base or put shells and fake starfish around.

6. Chinese Lanterns with a modern spin

Paying homage to the originals! Chinese paper lanterns have snuck into and become a part of light airy areas of a modern home. Although they provide light, they are more of a statement piece. Deviating a little from the traditional red these lanterns are available in an array of colors — pastels look the best according to us! So whether you choose to DIY them or buy them, be bold and give your living space an interesting spin with these illuminated bubbles.


Lantern love is a forever love. Some add essential oils to fragrance the evening while organically lighting it, others select multi-colored glasses to project on their wall, but whatever you are looking for you will find and be able to style into your modern-day lifestyle. Get your lanterns online via to earn Cash Back for every purchase. Join VIP Rewards and earn extra Cash Back on every purchase.

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