Renting a home can be less burdensome than owning: if the dishwasher goes out, the A/C is on the fritz or the roof springs a leak, a responsive landlord contractually shoulders the cost.

But renting also limits your freedom when it comes to decorating a home. If you decide to use the old hammer and nails to hang up your decorations, you might spend a lot of time covering unsightly holes before you move out, and even lose some of your security deposit.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for creating beautiful home decor without holes.

Tape Secrets from the East

Don’t use any old tape — Japanese Washi Tape, made of rice paper, is your best friend when it comes to hanging up little trinkets and art pieces. It’s also pretty easy to remove and replace if you want to switch things up and try a new decor look. The best thing about Washi Tape is that it is incredibly versatile. You can find a design you want and use it to give your room a bit of playful oomph. When you buy Washi Tape from Office Depot through, you earn up to 6.3% Cashback.

Stripping and Hooking Aren’t Dirty Words

You can still hang hooks and other items in your home without nails if you have some velcro Command™ strips handy. Not only can you use hooks and strips to set up artwork on your walls, but you can also use them to organize your bathroom and the inside of cabinets. No nails necessary! Plus, the strips are easy to apply and remove. Get some from Staples and earn up to 6.7% Cashback.

Gettin’ Sticky with It

Sticky tack — or adhesive putty — is yet another useful tool you can use to keep artwork attached to the wall without causing damage. Turns out, sticky tack is often a preferred option because it doesn’t leave behind residue. Staples (up to 6.7% Cashback) has a variety of adhesives available. Sticky tack is a great way to accessorize your walls, especially for fickle decorators.

Everybody deserves a home that makes them proud. Filling your walls with personal photos, artwork and other items can make a rental truly feel like a home.

Don’t skimp on decor simply because your landlord doesn’t want you to fill the walls with holes — you can find helpful alternatives and keep your walls perfectly intact! Now go on, and get down with your decorating self!

Home Decor Without Holes: A Renter’s Guide to Wall Displays

You may be a renter, but there’s no reason you can’t make the place feel like home!

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