By: Kaylin Meyer

Craving a pinterest-worthy home, but your eyes are bigger than your wallet? Join the club! Isn’t it so frustrating when we fall in love with a piece of furniture and then discover the exorbitant price tag?

Lucky for you, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for how to make your home look like a Crate and Barrel catalog without paying premium prices! Today, we provide you with budget-friendly furniture shopping tips for finding the most magical combination: high-end design, low-end price.

If you’re on a budget, don’t go crazy thinking you need to get all new furniture for every room in your house. Instead, go from room to room and truly analyze the few things you think could use some renovating love.

It might be time for a new seating arrangement in your living room, or you might just need to update the lighting in your bedroom! By modernizing your home piece-by-piece, room-by-room, you’ll instantly give your home a fresh breath of modern air. It’s all about the collective effort.

[title text=”Living Room”]

Give your living room a quick refresh by adding a fun accent chair! A simple statement piece like this can breathe life into your living space and provide a fun topic of conversation when entertaining. Before you know it, your guests will be fighting over who gets to sit in your new chair! Get the look when you shop chairs from Urban Outfitters (3.2%/9.2% Cashback).

Home Decor Secrets: High-End Design, Low-End Price

You can find plenty of accent chairs from Urban Outfitters for less than $100.


Looking for more of a mid-century modern design look? Toss a contemporary ottoman into your living room mix. Try this stunning Belham Living Allover Round Tufted Ottoman ($89.98), available at Hayneedle (2.4%/8.4% Cashback). Use it as your coffee table or for extra seating on game days! It’s a completely functional, affordable modern furniture piece that just so happens to be stylistically appealing.

Home Decor Secrets: High-End Design, Low-End Price

Belham Living Allover Round Tufted Ottoman, $89.98 | Photo by Hayneedle

[title text=”Bedroom”]

Try an exposed clothing rack! Displaying your most treasured items is definitely a contemporary closet must-do. Try putting your favorite 5 to 10 garments on an industrial rolling rack like the picture below! By exposing just a few items of delicacy, it instantly gives your space a creative edge and absolute plush vibe! To get the look, shop garment rolling racks for under $50 from Walmart (0.6%/6.6% Cashback).

Home Decor Secrets: High-End Design, Low-End Price

Garment rolling racks aren’t just for retail stores anymore.

[title text=”Kitchen”]

When trying to perfect a high-end design on a budget, thou shalt never forget that it’s all about the luxe details. Maybe your kitchen needs some divine and fascinating lighting to redefine its space. Try changing out your old-school ceiling lighting fixtures with some in-style, shabby chic pendant lighting instead! Try this Possini Euro Calico Pendant Light ($99), available at Euro Style Lighting (3.9%/9.9% Cashback).

Home Decor Secrets: High-End Design, Low-End Price

Possini Euro Calico Pendant Light, $99 | Photo by Euro Style Lighting

[title text=”Design on a Dime”]

To get a pinterest perfect living space doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage. All it really means is you might have to get your hands dirty and get a little crafty! I promise you, you can achieve high-end designing looks on a budget and Lowe’s can prove it. Check out Lowe’s ideas and how-tos section! We decided to dress up our walls with wood pallets, a modern design classic! All you have to do is stylishly arrange them on your walls, garnish with some plant life and voilà! You just created an Anthropologie display wall for your living room for under $100, and now have a modern, rustic high-end home! #winning

Shop Lowe’s through and get up to 8% Cashback.

Home Decor Secrets: High-End Design, Low-End Price

Decorating your walls with wood pallets is a creative, low-cost way to liven up your space.


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