Are you missing a little glamour in your life? We all want to feel a little more pampered on a daily basis so why not start with creating a special space at home? One of the ways to give yourself a little TLC is to update your dresser so that when you get ready for the day, you have a few minutes to yourself to put on your best face. There’s nothing more glamorous than channeling old Hollywood, and it’s actually quite simple. Give your dresser an update to a throwback style set to bring out your inner diva.


The vanity itself

Let’s start with the basics, getting a vanity! If you don’t have one already, a vanity that will make a space just for you needs to be big enough to hold all your makeup and accessories as well as any hair products or loose trinkets laying around. However, when looking for the right one make sure the design fits in with the aesthetic of your home so it doesn’t disrupt the decor. While you’re going hollywood glam, it doesn’t mean you have to go full art deco to fill the criteria. A modern or minimalist design will still give you the feeling you desire while and will create more harmony in your space. Keep in mind the amount of space that is available on top where you can keep your signature scent and daily makeup basics ready.


Lights & mirror

When we think vanity the first thing that comes to mind are those big bulbs and that beautiful mirror to illuminate your glow. This is vital for a good dresser but when looking for the right one make sure the bulbs are complementary and not too harsh to keep your space calm and comfortable. There are two ways you can go with this, the way of online ordering or the DIY route. You can make it with a simple instructional that you can find here or you can check out your favorite online home goods store and order the one you want without getting your hands dirty. Whether you opt to do it yourself or get one ready-made, has many home goods stores you can shop to get all your home needs while earning Cash Back which is pretty glam if you ask us.


Additional mirror

The big mirror is the one for all your basic needs but when it comes to plucking eyebrows or painting on the perfect cat eye, we need something stronger to do the job. A smaller mirror that has a magnifying glass is very handy to keep nearby in case of a plucking emergency, trust us. When looking for the right one, search for something that has elevated support so you don’t have to lean down to look at your face or have to hold up and keep your hands free. Keep your decor in mind as well and stick to the color scheme you already have going on. If your vanity is white with silver accents, look for a silver mirror to avoid color clashing. An additional mirror will also help you do your hair so you can have a second vantage point while you’re practicing doing the hottest hairdo.



If your vanity comes with a dresser then you’ve got plenty of space needed to keep your things organized, if not, you’re going to have to find a little drawer to place underneath so that all your needs are within arms reach. To take things up a notch and really take advantage of the space, using individual organizers per drawer and on top of the dresser will help you stay clutter-free and reduce stress that leads to early aging. A clear organizer for your makeup is a great option for the top of your vanity because it will not interfere with your aesthetic and will actually make things look more professional like a makeup studio, how fab!


Jewelry box

Add a little extra touch of glam to your dresser with a beautiful jewelry box to keep all your statement rings, hair accessories, and brooches in one place. A jewelry box will give you that vintage feel while keeping your space decluttered like you need it to be. While a jewelry box is a great adage to your vanity, remember not to keep your most prized pieces in there in in case a child gets in there and loses a family heirloom.


Comfy chair

As you sit getting ready in front of the mirror, a little cushion is just the needed final touch to keep you comfortable and relaxed while you try to master the winged liner. Here is where you can get creative because you can go for something with a back or without, maybe add a plush pillow or a little blanket for that extra cozy feeling. Like picking out a dresser, keep your home decor in mind or at least the color scheme of your personal space. If you like monochromatic, don’t go for something with a rainbow pattern, it’s all about adding and bringing your relaxation levels up while you get ready for the day.


Being glam on a budget doesn’t have to mean you’re going to sacrifice style for anything and with you can get the things you love while earning Cash Back. Add a little glam to your life and splurge without the guilt when you shop via on the dresser of your dreams. Save big, feel great.

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