How do you define horrifying? No, not the dictionary meaning. Rather, the things that are horrific in your deepest, darkest nightmares. Chances are that, in some way, movies have influenced your perception. Movies you may never have seen could have shaped something that frightens you today. Creature of the Black Lagoon (1954) taught people that water scenes and the associated sound effects create suspense, thus making Psycho (1960) horrifying. Psycho: someone dead but not dead?! Creepy! This Halloween it’s time to make it a Night of the Living Dead (1968). On that proposition, are you ready to scare yourself into the Halloween spirit?     

Classic Halloween Movies

The characters don’t have smartphones or tablets, few graphics, and no wifi, but their stories screamed, and they’ve defined scary for many decades.

1. Poltergeist (1982)  

A wholesome, young family with three small children moves into a beautiful new Orange County home — but what they didn’t expect was that the poltergeist would enter their world from within their secure walls. When your home is built on an old, abandoned cemetery, what else would you expect? Poltergeist haunts the family, starting with the youngest daughter. When she is led into their world and can be heard through the television, her family discover that their daughter’s life is a source of energy for the poltergeist, one of whom is far more of a beast than anyone had fathomed.

2. The Exorcist (1973)

When their daughter is possessed by an evil spirit, her parents seek higher support to exorcise the demon. But this particular evil spirit is strong, so after many exorcists leave with no success, they bring in someone who they hope will be able to free their little girl. But the spookiest element of this film is knowing that it is based on actual events!

Did you know? When released, many towns across the globe banned the film for its disturbing scenes and implications.

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3. Amityville Horror (1979)

When a family moves into a charming but strangely low-priced home, they are not prepared for what they’ll encounter. The home is the murder site of a family, who’d been massacred by their father! A true horror. The film was remade in 2005 starring Ryan Reynolds; perhaps some Reynolds eye-candy will ease the horror?

Fact to Fiction…Or was it Pure Fact? This supernatural horror has frequently been identified as a true story, based on the experience of a family who lived in the Amityville home but left after only 28 days, citing it was haunted.

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4. Halloween (1978)

21-Year old Michael Myers, who stabbed his older sister to death when he was 6, must now face trial for the first-degree murder. But someone this evil and deranged certainly won’t accept consequences easily.

All in the Lungs: A Halloween movie called Halloween cliche? No, the psychotic Myers attacks on Halloween.. For many years this horror defined scary, and Jamie Lee Curtis’ scream of fear is one of the most iconic in movie history.  

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Defining ‘a nightmare,’ Freddie Krueger is a horrifying character who can easily be defeated… that is only if you don’t sleep… ever! But as most people need some shut-eye, they enter into his twisted world every night and risk their lives, unless they can get themselves to wake up, or die trying.

In your dreams…literally: The concept of deadly dreams was inspired by newspaper articles referring to ‘dreaming about dying.’ Of course, while death dreams are normally interpreted as a positive sign of change, those had on Elm Street aren’t as kind.


2017 Halloween Movies

It looks as though horror is trending this year. Iconic horrors have been remade in recent years and this year is no exception. Many new thrills will be released this October, but some chainring titles have already ranked high on the must-see list. Ready to meet the villains of your next nightmare?

6. IT (2017)

A small boy is murdered by a scary clown hiding in a sewer. Adults seem to have no interest in finding out more, but the boy’s older brother is given clues that lead him on a quest to find and destroy this evil monster.

Even Krusty gives me the shivers: This killer clown did to the circus what Jaws did to the ocean. Following the 1990 release of the original IT film starring a clown-faced Pennywise, the association of clowns with laughter and happiness shifted to fear.

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7. Mother! (2017)

Him, a writer facing writer’s block, places a crystal on a pedestal and from there the story takes a turn for the mentally peculiar. In his room, Mother, a new character,formson Him’s bed. A series of characters, including Man and Woman, come into the story, eventually ending the writer’s block, but not before telling a story that will leave you with a new perspective of how we are responsible for our own realities.

8. Get Out (2017)

Chris and Rose’s relationship has reached the meet-the-parents stage, so Chris is happy when invited out to meet the people responsible for raising the woman he has come to love. Her family looks like any other normal family, going out of their way to accommodate their guests. But things soon start to get disturbing.  

The most well-received ‘Parent’s-Present. Is…A hotel stay. Maybe meeting the love of their child’s life is surrounded by sleepless nights, but parents love receiving a relaxing night away after a big meet.


After having read this, your haunting Halloween is a bit closer… oooh. Don’t forget treats for yourself to enjoy your Halloween movie marathon.





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