Creating innovative, natural products since 1972, Bottega Verde — “Green Boutique” in Italian — is Italy’s number one natural cosmetics company, boasting more than 6 million customers. Bottega Verde, which boasts several beauty and retailer awards and a vibrant collection of skin, hair and cosmetic products, offers reasonably-priced little luxuries that perfectly complement any woman’s beauty collection. Pamper yourself with fragrant body creams, revitalize your skin with indulgent face masks and combat your cellulite with Cancellulite creams and gels. Since it’s now the season of showing skin, it’s the perfect time to treat your skin right!

Exclusive Discount from Italy’s Top Natural Cosmetic Brand: Bottega Verde!

Cancellulite from Bottega Verde is an amazing all-natural cocktail that effectively battles accumulated fat deposits. | Photo by Bottega Verde


Here are our top picks from the Bottega Verde collection.

Bottega Verde Skin Care

Bottega Verde’s 40 years of experience creating natural beauty products is clearly reflected in their vast skin care collection that addresses every woman’s beauty dilemma. From anti-wrinkle treatments and natural lifts and fillers to ranges aimed at sensitive, dry, normal and mature skin, each selection of products infuses natural wholesomeness to nourish skin uniquely and completely. What’s even better? Bottega offers discounts of up to 70% on its skin care line.

Exclusive Discount from Italy’s Top Natural Cosmetic Brand: Bottega Verde!

Bottega Verde’s makeup-removing formulas contain gentle ingredients that don’t sting your eyes. | Photo by Bottega Verde


Bottega Verde Minis

Big products in small packages at tiny prices — that describes Bottega Verde miniatures. Bottega Verde has created the perfect collection of mini products ideal for summer holiday travel. With prices starting at just €1 and up to 66% off, their miniature products are a traveler’s dream. Bottega minis won’t break the bank, and although the products are small — between 20 and 50ml — they’re mighty powerful, so a little product goes a long way.

Bottega Verde Makeup

When we shop for skin care products, our primary concern is how the product will promote healthy, nourished skin, but with makeup, we usually make our choice based on how it looks. Bottega Verde makeup delivers the best of both worlds because each product is developed to beautify and nourish skin simultaneously. Luxuriant ingredients include mango butter and Vitamin E in lip glosses, antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract in foundations, and softening Linden extract in Mascaras. Wearing Bottega Verde makeup all day is actually good for your skin — and your wallet, with colossal discounts of up to 60% off!

Exclusive Discount from Italy’s Top Natural Cosmetic Brand: Bottega Verde!

Cremafiori moisturizer is one of the Bottega Verde products that contains Linden extract, a soothing natural ingredient. | Photo by Bottega Verde



Get Your Exclusive Discount at Bottega Verde!

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