Home is where the heart is and it should feel just as so. But if pinching for pennies is holding you back from turning your home into the humble abode of your dreams, these small decorating accessories will add a spark to your living space for little to no cost!

Starting Tip: Pick a theme before getting your hands into the nitty-gritty of design and stick to it. Remember to be selective with your accessories and think of it like jewelry, it shouldn’t be worn all at once.


A rug is the foundation of a room and can play up boring, neutral furniture. Rugs can make a statement in the room by being classy, playful, intricate, fluffy, furry or just plain comfortable. Choose a color or design that sets the tone for the whole living space. Repeat the patterns/colors of the rug with other accessories to add a harmonious feel.

Pillow Mania

Throw pops of color on your sofa with pillows. Pillows are the best accessory to have that allows you to experiment with color since paint is more of a long-term commitment. You can add those pops of hue on the floor with floor pillows and poufs that come in all shapes and sizes making them the perfect accessories for extra seating, and not to mention comfort.


Scented candles not only look great but they make your house smell like heaven. Depending on what suits your theme best, you can place candles in glass candle holders or decorative candle stick holders. If you have little ones running around and candles seem more like a luxury of the past, incense sticks also keep your house smelling great without the hazardous effects that are attached to candles and these lovely smelling sticks also come in chic styles.

Photo Craze

Displaying photos of your family, friends and even your furry babies adds a unique, personal warmness to your home. The design is all in the frame. Collage picture frames are a neat way to keep your photos together and organized while also adding a touch of design. You can place your beloved memories in wood-frames for a country-cottage theme, shadowbox frames that give off a 3D effect or make a DIY custom frame that can also be a fun project for the kids to partake in. No need to limit your choices, you can also mix and match all styles and it will still look quaint and unique in your home.

Indoor Nature

Incorporate outdoor elements into your home with indoor plants. Not only do they keep the air around them fresh and clean but they also add ‘life’ and splashes of lush green to your living space. If you don’t have that green thumb it takes to maintain a plant, go for succulent plants that are easy to keep and do not require much care. These plants can be placed in decorative terracotta pots or flower pots that can be jazzed up with some paint to fit the theme of the space.

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