Warm. Hot. Cold. Cough. Between seasonal temperature changes and the booming air conditioning, getting sick is far too easy. Viral illnesses move from person to person, so whether you have been side-by-side with someone while traveling for a Spring Break escape, getting in some cozy time on your honeymoon, or topping up your hours during some much-anticipated camping sessions, your social adventure may have been accompanied by an unwanted sneeze. Whatever the origin, it came home and now you probably want your home back. Fear not, Here’s what you’ll need:

You Will Need

Your kit is your cavalry:

  1. Latex gloves
  2. White vinegar
  3. Clean bucket
  4. Unused sponges (at least three)
  5. Clean tea towels (at least two)
  6. Garbage bags
  7. Toilet brush
  8. Clean spray bottle
  9. Broom
  10. Clean and disinfected mop
  11. A can-do attitude

With these handy items, your home can be hygienic again in no time! If a cavalry cleaning your home tickles your fancy, have you considered automating your home?

Step One: Purge The Clutter

You will need your good arm, it is time to collect all the garbage and general waste clogging up your home. Be brutal, not sympathetic, to any object or foodstuff that really needs to take a walk.

All of this legwork for cleaning is good exercise. Talking about exercise, did you know that there is an International Yoga Day? Your emu-parade might help you get into the perfect yoga position.

Step Two: Strip Off All Your Throws

Everything: mattress covers and protectors, pillows and cases, sheets, blankets, towels, hand towels, face washers, bath mat, tea towels, it all must go into the washing machine on the hottest cycle or to the laundry. If your deep, hygienic clean is awakening your hunger for a home interior makeover, make sure you select the ripest, most in-style colors.

Step Three: It Is Time To Go Hulk On This Place… Go Green

Maintaining a one hundred percent healthy home while cleaning with chemicals is like eating a donut while on the treadmill. Generally speaking, the world is full of toxins, and if your family is young or unwell, these toxins are celebrating because their hot body temperatures make for the best breeding grounds.

How To Become The Green-Machine Superhero

Trade in your fancy, scented cleaning products for good old vinegar. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water and clean areas anyone comes in contact with, namely:

  • Tiles
  • Surfaces
  • Doors
  • Handles
  • Taps
  • Outlet switches
  • Devices

Use a mop, or spray-and-wipe these areas and objects.

Rule Of Thumb When Disinfecting With Vinegar

Spray the area you will clean and give the solution five to ten minutes to disinfect before you wipe it off.  After all of that sick and all of this cleaning, in two steps time, you are going to need an indulgent self-pampering treatment.

Step Four: Time For The Big Attack…The Bathroom

This one deserves its own guide. The bathroom is where germs love to hide, live, and multiply but don’t fear, you can tackle the mega clean that it needs.

To Clean Your Bathroom

  1. Begin by putting half a cup of vinegar into your toilet bowl
  2. Soak bathroom accessories in vinegar while you clean
  3. With a sponge, scourer, and your vinegar solution, scrub around drains, between tiles, wall and floor corners, bathroom door handles, around lights, toilet roll holder, around the foot of the toilet, and the flusher
  4. Mop the floor
  5. Clean the toilet bowl using the toilet brush
  6. Wipe the surfaces sprayed with vinegar
  7. Wipe down your bathroom accessories and return them
  8. Add a fresh roll of toilet paper and a new hand soap

Step Five: The Finishing Touches

Your drive has almost finished working its motivational magic.

Round-Up Checklist

  • Open your windows to let in fresh air
  • Put the bedding back on and hang the towels on the towel racks
  • Place new boxes of tissues around the house
  • Disinfect every toothbrush with vinegar or discard and replace them

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? The healthiest foods on and from the earth will help you strengthen your immune system so next time this virus come around, you might be ready for it.    

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