With cooler weather right around the corner, cold and flu season is sure to follow. Whether you’re affected by seasonal allergies or exposed to germs via door handles and classrooms, getting the cold or flu can keep you from work, school and enjoying your everyday life. And while many symptoms are avoidable with proper precaution, sometimes you just can’t avoid catching an unwanted illness.

These days, hundreds of different prescriptions and over-the-counter medications exist to help treat cold and flu symptoms, but some people prefer a more natural approach. What can you do to combat cold and flu symptoms without reaching for a bottle of chemicals? Here are some natural remedies guaranteed to soothe your symptoms and help you feel better.

[title text=”Turn Up the Heat”]

shutterstock_128100080From warm baths to soft blankets, keeping your body warm during a cold can help you in more ways than one. Not only will you be comforted by the warmth, but your body will fight the fever that’s encouraging your symptoms to linger. Feeling achy and chilly? Try running a warm bath filled with oatmeal or another natural bath-time luxury, and soak up the healing properties while kicking that fever to the curb. When you’re done, wrap up in your favorite blanket and relax on the couch. Make sure you drink plenty of water and other clear liquids to replenish the hydration lost by a hot soak.

[title text=”Surprisingly Sweet Trick”]

shutterstock_134610281Most people in the medical community warn against consuming sugar and sugar-based products during a cold or flu. You might love those sugary treats, but so does your cold. Bacteria thrives on sugar, and you should limit your intake of sugary products and alcohol while you’re sick. However, natural sugar in the form of honey actually works the opposite way.

Honey, specifically raw, organic and locally produced honey, is one sweet treat you can indulge in while you’re sick. Combined with apple cider vinegar and/or lemon juice or taken on its own, honey can help soothe sore throats and speed up the healing process. Just be careful when giving honey to children, and avoid giving any honey to infants.

[title text=”A Grown-Up Excuse for Nap Time”]

shutterstock_138597701Being sick tires you out quickly, but many adults find it difficult to buckle down for nap time. After all, you might be sick, but that doesn’t mean you have any less work to do at the office or at home. Unfortunately for your coworkers and your family, you’re going to have to put your foot down and hop into bed. Adequate sleep will help you heal faster because proper rest helps your body to store up energy to fight infection.

If you have trouble sleeping during the day or getting enough sleep with that runny nose and cough, try some simple herb remedies found in many pharmacies. Your doctor or pharmacist can recommend natural options to help ease your mind and get the sleep you need.

[title text=”Chicken Soup for the Soul & Throat”]

shutterstock_144148747As if chicken noodle soup weren’t already comforting, it turns out that this miracle soup actually is packed with everything you need to get back to your old self again. Natural chicken broth will help soothe your sore throat, the chicken contains protein you need for energy and to fight off infection, and the carrots are packed with Vitamin C for energy and extra cold-destroying properties. Made from a can or using your family’s recipe, chicken noodle soup is a delicious way to get better faster.

The simplest remedies are almost always the ones that work best. Plenty of rest, liquids and warm, soothing foods will help heal you quickly and effectively. Never underestimate the power of natural remedies for your cold and flu symptoms. Just remember to seek medical advice before dramatically changing your diet, and always consult your primary doctor if your symptoms don’t improve.
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