Listed as one of The New York Times’ top places to visit in 2012, Chattanooga, Tennessee rests in the valley of Lookout Mountain overlooking the Tennessee River. Known for its historic significance as a prominent railroad town during the American Civil War, Chattanooga holds fourth billing in the state’s list of largest cities, placing it at the crossroads of metropolitan appeal and small-town Southern charm. Read on to learn more about this historic city’s appeal and how to plan a fun vacation in the Scenic City.

[title text=”Local Hotspots”]

choochoo2Paying homage to its roots as a railroad town, Chattanooga offers residents different ways to experience railroad history. The Chattanooga Choo Choo, a railroad station-turned-hotel, provides boxcars for visitors to tour as well as sleep in. The Choo Choo also houses the Model Railroad Museum, a one-room museum featuring one of the world’s largest model train sets available for public viewing. The 174-foot long train runs on over 3,000 feet of track and features a variety of buildings, miniatures and cultural references.




For miles along the highway leading in and out of the city, you’ll see billboards shaped like barns advertising a timeless southern slogan: “See Rock City.” Located on the top of Lookout Mountain, Rock City winds its way around the mountain and features natural rock formations and special decorations during the holidays. On a clear day, residents can see up to seven states using the viewfinder at the top of Rock City. Inside the mountain, visitors can explore the many twisting caverns and giant underground waterfall located within the corresponding Ruby Falls attraction site.




For families with kids, the Creative Discovery Museum and Tennessee Aquarium offer hours of afternoon fun. The Creative Discovery Museum is a hands-on experience for kids and adults alike. You can create musical masterpieces, experience an archeological dig and learn about the human development process in a fun and interactive way. The Aquarium features two sections, one for general aquatic life and the other dedicated to the animals and plants found in the Tennessee River. Small children will particularly enjoy the penguin and butterfly exhibits.


[title text=”Delectable Eateries”]

Whether you’re craving an afternoon sweet snack or a local beer, Chattanooga offers a wide range of eateries designed to please even the pickiest of palates. From gourmet restaurants to trendy coffee shops, you’ll find a smorgasbord of food options in the Scenic City.

Here are a few options to get you started:

  • bqrvyxfy95t3mv7jpg_456_345The English Rose: Run by British natives, The English Rose features a traditional British tea menu and hosts seasonal teas for special occasions.


  • The Honest Pint: For a classic Reuben sandwich or Scotch egg, you won’t find better traditional Irish fare than at The Honest Pint.


  • Julie Darling Donuts: This local doughnut shop features a variety of decadent creations including a salted caramel photo-11doughnut and the Pancakes ‘n Bacon.


  • Rembrandt’s Coffee: Rich, aromatic coffees and delightful house-made pastries top the menu at this local coffee shop nestled in the Bluff View Art District.


  • the-terminal-brewhouseSt. John’s: For fine dining with local flair, check out the gourmet creations offered by St. John’s restaurant.


  • The Terminal: Featuring in-house brewed beverages and a menu that includes roast beef-topped nachos, The Terminal offers classic pub food with a twist.


[title text=”Off the Beaten Path”]

grahamcoliltenriFor those who like to get off the beaten tourist path, Chattanooga provides many natural ways to experience the beauty of the city. The Riverwalk, a roughly 13-mile stretch of paved walkways and maintained park areas that form the River Park system, hugs the coast of the Tennessee River as it flows downtown. On sunny days, you might try picnicking at Coolidge Park downtown, where you and your family can lounge along the river and enjoy a carousel ride in the famous Pavilion. After dinner, check out Chattanooga Ghost Tours for a walking tour of the city’s haunted past, where you’ll be able to snap pictures of famous places from a unique perspective.


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Whether you have a large family or live on your own, Chattanooga offers something for everyone. From history museums to hipster chic, the city boasts a large collection of tourist-friendly hotspots and local eateries for those seeking a unique vacation away from the norm. Save on all of your travel adventures by taking advantage of DubLi’s awesome cashback rewards program. Whether you need to book a flight down south or rent a car for the week, you’ll save hundreds of dollars as you explore one of the nation’s most entertaining cities.


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