Currently, rewards, frequent-flier, points, affinity, membership, recognition and appreciation are all buzzwords used to define programs that attract consumers to develop loyalty to a brand. While models vary by brand, most loyalty programs have one thing in common… they reward consumers for engaging in a behavior(s) with the promise of a future benefit.

The term “rewards” is used today without a consensus of definition. To some, a reward can mean a discount, a point exchangeable into a gift card, cash as in the case of, buy one get one free, etc. Given that each program carries a different message makes determining the inherent value difficult.

Today, rewards programs are a dime a dozen. Everyone from your local grocery store to the electric company to your favorite clothing retailer and, of course, the credit card companies, have some form of rewards, frequent-user, high-value spender, call it what you wish, everyone’s got one.

Just by way of landing on this blog, illustrates that you understand the underlying value of Dubli’s Cash Back rewards model, the more you shop, the more Cash Back you earn. And, lucky for you (not just because its St.Patrick’s Day week), we have a team of editors whose job it is to focus on what is meaningful to Dubli customers to do a deep dive into what is available, either on itself and/or through the site’s fabulous array of stores that are doing some incredible things. Listen up, we’re doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you!

Since the first airline frequent-flyer program was launched in 1979, loyalty and rewards programs have far outgrown the travel sector into almost every industry known to man. Conceptually, the airline programs made sense and generated a tremendous amount of consumer interest. However, early excitement surrounding frequent flier programs quickly dissipated as travelers realized that frequent-flyer miles weren’t designed for the “regular” traveler. In order to earn even one free upgrade, let alone a free flight, required an inordinate number of flights. And, even when you did earn enough to redeem your miles, you found yourself limited by black-out dates. When it comes to travel, any means to save a buck is quite welcomed. Travel is expensive, no two ways about it. Before you leave home, it’s already cost you a pretty penny. Between luggage fees, getting to the airport, whether driving yourself and parking or a ride-share service, booking plane tickets, hotel reservations, rentals cars and so on.



Fast forward several years to the adoption of rewards programs throughout countless industries. Still today, none are as nearly prolific as the travel segment.

Because of the sheer number of rewards programs available today, unless you are one obsessed with clipping coupons and saving a few pennies anywhere and how you can, chances are you don’t know which reward programs carry the greatest inherent value. Who has time for all that?

In any industry, you’ll find the good, the bad and the ugly. But then there’s the exceptional, unparalleled, incomparable. Get the point? We’re talking about the diamond in the rough, the extraordinary, the “how can they do that,” the rewards program that offers such a value proposition, you assume it’s too good to be true. We’re here to tell you about a mind-blowing rewards program, a program that will knock your socks off. And, yes, it’s a travel rewards program to boot.




Held against any measuring stick, both within and without the travel industry, continues to amaze, outshine and literally takes its guests on a trip as experiential as much as the world is round. Skeptics have tried to poke holes, competitors catch-up, but just when you think they’ve reached the pinnacle of success, they go and raise the bar yet again. Rewards have evolved among the most recognized, valuable and meaningful of all rewards programs within not only the travel sector but also, the world. Of course, to each their own, but any way you slice it, to earn one free hotel night for every 10 you complete, carries substantial financial value. The one free night stay is based on the average price of the prior ten. Depending on where and when you travel, this will mean different things to different people but let’s try a simple example.

If I take 3 business trips a month, 3-4 nights each, at an average cost of approx. $250, this results in a free night stay valued at $250. Where else can you receive a reward valued at $250? Now, if you’re like this editor, required to travel at least 10-14 days each month internationally, by the end of the year, I have just earned 10-12 free nights. Sticking with the $250 scenario, 10 free nights earned, is a reward valued at $2500! Need I say more? This reward doesn’t require any new or different behavior, no jump through hoops, standing on my head. The only requirement is that I pay taxes and fees, which typically equates to 5%-10% per night, a welcomed fee for such a high-value reward. It’s free to join and takes less than a minute.

Rewards can be collected from 297,000 hotels worldwide and redeemed at 213,000 properties, including hotel chains, beach resorts, boutiques, villas, and apartments. You decide whether to collect your reward nights as a single stay or all 10. There are no blackout dates or restrictions, you may use these reward nights whenever you’d like. Further, as a Rewards member, you have access to unlock “Secret Deals” from select properties. All stays with Secret Deal pricing are eligible for earning rewards. Are you a frequent traveler? Keep an eye out to become a Silver or Gold member and receive extra benefits including free breakfast, VIP Access, and spa services.



And, don’t forget, as a customer you also earn Cash Back on all these transactions as soon as your travel is completed. Explore International Destinations during the Spring Break! Book now with and save up to 40%. Book by 3/31, Travel by 4/26.



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