By: Kaylin Meyer

Experienced freelancers know the off-chance that their main gig may slow down, which can lead to financial stress and frustration. But as long you have a variety of passions, interests and enough motivation, then it shouldn’t be too hard kicking things into high gear and chasing after a few other opportunities.

So from one freelancer to the other, here are a few of the easiest ways freelancers can supplement their income in the slow season.

Downtime Ambition Time

In order to progress in your profession, you have to create your own goals and tackle projects proactively. Take this extra time to wrap up all your current projects and get completely organized. Then, figure out exactly what it is that you want to do next.

What kind of projects and clients do you want to take on in the future? Finding new ways to market yourself and promote your business is a key element of being a freelancer. Look over your previous goal lists and see how many you’ve achieved. Another imperative is to make sure you put a number to those intentions and have realistic financial goals for the next fiscal year.

Easiest Ways Freelancers Can Supplement Their Income

If you stay ambitious, you can achieve more than you imagined when you’re free to pursue your own freelance goals.

Sustain and Maintain

Thou shalt never forget the cardinal rule of running a business: Manage your clientele base vigilantly. Forging lasting business relationships is an essential part of your job; if you want to get future referrals, you must continue this trend for the rest of your career. The freelancers who follow up with clients from the past will ultimately succeed in the freelance world. Plus, you never know who might be in desperate need of a freelancer and will be thrilled you gave them a ring!

Side Hustle

As a freelancer, it’s understood there is not always going to be work. But, with all the side gigs and odd jobs available in the world today, there are myriad ways you can earn lateral income.

Be a Lyft driver. Stop saying you are going to do it and pull a Nike — just do it. Depending on location, if you drive for five hours a week, you could make up to $100! That’s a freelancer supplementing income win! And, get $1 Cash Back when you use Lyft through

Easiest Ways Freelancers Can Supplement Their Income

Rideshare program Lyft offers a legitimate way for freelancers to make plenty of extra cash.

Not interested in being a driver? Try renting out your car — to reputable drivers, of course — on Getaround. You can make up to $10,000 a year just for letting people borrow your car. Click here to check it out.

Make money doing what you love, and If you have a skill, why not sell it? To capitalize on a variety of talents and cash in on a niche market, then list yourself on Fiverr. Plus, you can enjoy up to $8.40 Cash Back when you use Fiverr through

Be realistic — even during the slow months when you’re extra budget conscious, you are still going to make purchases. Become a savvy shopper and use to earn Cash Back on all the products and services that you purchase regularly.

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