Is your heart a wanderer but your wallet is holding you back? Don’t let money or lack thereof stop you from fulfilling your travel dreams. Anything is possible when you prepare ahead of time and plan smart. Consider these traveling tips before and during a trip so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.


Put Money Aside:

First and foremost, open a savings account and treat it as a sacred item that cannot be touched till you’ve reached your destiny (in our case, destination). Saving may only seem possible as a long-term process, and though that’s mostly true, you can find a way to balance your funds to reach your goal rapidly. Start by putting a minimum of $20 aside every week. Once this becomes a habit and you’re able to sustain your expenses, increase the saving amount to $50 a week. Every now and then, sporadically put in $1, $5, $10 and leftover change into your savings account. You’ll be shocked to see how much your loose change can accumulate to.

Everyday Purchases:

Spending money is a given when making everyday purchases, but it doesn’t have to be fatal to your wallet. Take advantage of grocery coupons, retail sales, and websites like that have a plethora of retailers and restaurants where great deals are never scarce. Plus, DubLi gives you Cash Back on your purchases. The Cash Back you receive can go straight into your sacred savings account.

Do Some Research:

So by now, your sacred savings account is looking pretty hefty. On to the fun part research. Find out everything you need to know about your dream spot and closely consider the following travel aspects:

  • Transportation: Is public transportation easily accessible? How much does a bus or metro ride cost? Would it make more sense to rent a car? In which case you can use DubLi Travel as a VIP member to find car rentals with all the world-known car rental companies.
  • Accommodation: Find an area away from busy spots as tourist locations attract high prices. Once you pick the desired spot, check out DubLi Travel’s various booking options for hotels. You can find awesome deals with up to 60% off while earning 6% Cash Back on top of that.
  • Season of Travel: Traveling during the off-season is cost-efficient as most prices decrease with a slack in incoming tourists. But make sure the places you want to visit will be open during the off-season as some locations are seasonal.


Now that all your research is in place, and you are ready to wander – Next Step:


Flights take up a huge chunk of the budget, but with some wise planning, it doesn’t have to dent your pocket much. Try booking in advance if you can, 6-8 months is ideal for the cheapest flights. But if you can’t help it or spontaneity is more your style, DubLi Travel offers great last-minute deals on hotel bookings, as if you booked well in advance, plus you get Cash Back on your bookings.  


Now that you’ve managed the most difficult part of traveling, you can finally enjoy your trip. But keep your saving hat on to make the most of your vacay with these three easy-to-follow tips:

  • Tip # 1: Pay close attention to the exchange rate of the country you are visiting and never exchange currency at the airport. You can save on additional charges in exchange depots outside the airport or around your boarding.
  • Tip # 2: Live like a Local. Tourist areas are prone to provide more expensive services and often times these services are of lower quality. Find local restaurants where the prices are decent, and the food is more authentic and tasty. A quick scan on social media based on local tags will let you know where the residents are eating. If you want to bring a piece of a paradise back home, be sure to buy your souvenirs from local shops instead of the airport Duty-Free.
  • Tip # 3: Rome but don’t Roam. Get a local SIM card to make your calls. You can easily get a prepaid plan and be sure to use wifi for your texts, emails, and calls whenever possible. Apps like Whatsapp and Viber are great ways to call or message internationally for free.

Now that you’re a saving expert you can turn your dream trip into dream trips. As a DubLi VIP Lounge member, you’re able to make those travel fantasies a reality. You’ll always find great deals on hotels, flights, and car rentals as well as gain Cash Back in your pocket. Take a chance and explore the world!

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