Devices down. Games off. Hair combed. Socks up. School’s back! Your children have enjoyed nearly three homework-free months, but now it’s time to get back to one of the most important things in their lives, at this point at least: school. And where there’s school, there’s learning; and where there’s learning, there’s reading. But with such an enormous range of titles written to awaken, captivate, and inspire your child’s mind, it’s hard to choose which will be the best. This year, these are six of the titles that teens of the world have selected as the best.

1. The Sun Is Also a Star

By Nicola Yoon

A love story with science and history influences, the two main characters are on different paths in their lives and meet at a time when their paths are about to take them on courses where they wouldn’t be likely to meet each other.

Who’ll Enjoy This: Teens who enjoy reading stories that trigger them to think about their heritage, how they connect to things and how these things influence their lives, and their own identity.


2. A Million Junes

By Emily Henry

A real fantasy, this story will take you on a well written, emotional journey of human grief from loss, appreciation of life, star-crossed love, and how people you love will leave their lifelong mark on you.

Who’ll Enjoy This: Teens who enjoy a read that will awaken their emotions and feelings and invite them into a somewhat fantasy-like world that is actually very real.


3. Flame in the Mist

By Renee Ahdieh

Born to a samurai warrior, Mariko’s purpose in life is to be married. But being an intellectually powerful female, she goes on a journey, disguised as her twin brother, and finds out more about the world in which she lives, how it works, and ultimately love – but there’s more to this world than meets the eye.

Who’ll Enjoy This Book: Readers who are ready to enter a great story that invites them into a new world, teaches them the orchestration of this world, and presents them with turns and twists. Purchase this book now to start the reading journey by this weekend.  


4. The One Memory of Flora Banks

By Emily Barr

Imagine if you could only remember what happened before you were 10? And imagine if you grew up, but everything in your life was received and understood with the knowledge and understanding of a 10-year-old? That’s what happened to Flora. Step into Flora’s shoes and see how her life progresses and how a simple kiss might have the magic to cure her and change her life… or is that simply what a 10-year-old believes a kiss has the power to do.

Who’ll Enjoy This: If you’re interested in a light and emotional read or are looking for a book to give to someone whose life is touched in some way by diversity who wants to be inspired by a motivational lead character, this book is for you.

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5. The Upside of Unrequited

By Becky Albertalli

Teens will feel this story a list of crushes and no boyfriends as yet. This book follows the story of Molly, a twin who suffers anxiety but who’s on the quest to live an empowered life.

Who’ll Like This Book: Readers who want a fast and easy read that is set in a real, diverse, and equal world where the characters do what the “everyday teen” might do the everyday teen uncensored.


6. Midnight at the Electric

By Jodi Lynn Anderson

From World War 1 to 2065, follow the young women whose lives, regardless of the time, see very similar events.

Who’ll Like This Book: Young readers who are experiencing new life experiences they may not have the understanding yet to deal with.

The youth is exposed to a lot of content these days. But when was the last time your teen was introduced to substantial literature that helps them enhance their vocabulary and expand their creative horizons?

Reading about others opinions and perspective can be enlightening. But give them a chance first to develop their own ideas –  with these titles for teens, let their imagination run wild! Start them off right now with one of these interesting reads. Purchase via (while you’re shopping online for their back-to-school essentials) and earn Cash Back.

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