Use Social Media? Take Referrals from Friends? Why Not Save Up To 30% When you Book a Loved by Guests Property from!

It’s no secret that in our digitally connected society, we rely on referrals for everything from the hot new restaurant to where to buy the cool new shoes we saw our favorite celebrity wearing. Today, we take recommendations for everything we do in our daily lives. If I were paid for how many social media posts, I see each week with “Looking for good places to go in Costa Rica” or “Where should I stay when traveling to Venice”, I’d be in Costa Rica or Venice on a permanent lounge chair. But instead, I’m here to tell you where you can benefit from the recommendations of millions of people you don’t even know. While we trust our friends and family to provide honest referrals, our friends and family may not have yet traveled to where we want to go. As such, this new recommendation engine casts your referral network wider. Who better than to bring you a travel recommendation engine than has taken their rich service for capturing testimonials and turned it into a savings vehicle for you, their favorite travelers.  

As the website states…”Rated by you and recognized by us – these award-winning properties have made guests very happy. To celebrate, you’ll save up to 30% when you book a Loved by Guests property. Enjoy your stay and remember to leave a review.” From the Florida Keys to the French Alps, or Bozeman, Montana to Bangkok, you’ll find hidden gems to make your travel extra special before you’re even ready for lift-off.



Consider this. Another traveler has taken time out to provide feedback on their hotel stay. These aren’t bloggers or influencers who are paid for their testimonials; they are individuals who cared enough to share their experience. If that is not authentic then what is? You’ll get 30% off your stay at any of the locations reviewed by another traveler and all they ask is that you pay it forward. We hear so much about social entrepreneurialism, well why not social travelism? And there is a whole lot of social travelism going on at, just one hotel in Berlin, Germany had more than 2300+ reviews. That’s a lot of people taking time out of their busy lives to make sure you get a discount. Better yet, when you arrive on the Loved by Guests page, there are several categories from which to choose to make your search easier. If you’re seeking a luxury spot in Abu Dhabi, you’ll find Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi available with 247 reviews that rates everything from the beach, the vibe, the room, and the food plus 100+ photos to let your imagination run wild. And, how can you beat a 30% discount? If you’re considering a hotel that is $250 a night, the $75 you’ll save really adds up. If you were going to stay at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, for example, for five nights, you’d need to drop $1,250. But the total savings of 30%, or $375, is a considerable discount, regardless of who you are and your individual budget.



By now you’re thinking what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t any. Only that you visit the “Loved by Guests” pages by clicking here. Make sure you log in to first before clicking here to ensure your next holiday also earns you Cash Back on top of the 30% discount you get from Please be sure to share the review you place on on’s Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as your own personal accounts to ensure that you, too, pay it forward. You never know who in your network is thinking about their next trip and how great if you direct them to the Loved by Guests page where they can benefit from the 30% off as well.  

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