Lights. Camera. Action. Action is where the editing happens. Whether you shoot with your smartphone or a DSLR, taking photos is one of the most common things most people do in a day. Whether you want to remember something as perfectly as you saw it, or whether you want to share your moment by conveying the message as artistically as possible; photo editing software transforms nonfiction photographs into a fictionally fabulous fantasy. With such advanced photo editing software now available, this is the perfect time to develop your skills in making every moment you want to capture reflect you and represent how you see it.

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Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate

As a key player in photo editing, Corel may be a name you are familiar with. If you have ever used Corel, it may have been to whiten teeth, remove red eye, edit the background from being at home to being at the beach, make yourself look five inches taller or even ten pounds lighter. Corel PaintShop gives you what you need to enhance the world and have it represent you in photos as you want it to be. Not all days are perfect, but with photo editing software they may be remembered as such.

New 2018 Features

  • More organized for easier use
  • Perspective correction (perspective correction means that you can shift the angle the photo was taken from. If you took it from slightly off the left but should have taken the shot from the center, a perspective correction will rearrange the photo to show that it has been taken from the center by correcting the image based on other photo backgrounds.)
  • More advanced and precise cropping tools
  • Artistic composition tools


Photo editing is a skill. Some use their skill professionally to create digital photos, some to perfect images from photo shoots, and others to perfect personal shots for sharing. When you purchase your software, do so via to earn Cash Back.

ADOBE Photoshop in ADOBE Creative Cloud (CC)

ADOBE is synonymous with brilliance. At this time, their workspace is so advanced and widely used that there is little chance that you haven’t already used it. But ADOBE continues to aim higher and iron out any little crinks that users encounter. While brilliant for professional use, the ADOBE Photoshop software is also for individual users who appreciate photo editing creativity and perfection. ADOBE offers you the chance to dream as much as ADOBE does… and that is big.

New ADOBE Photoshop Features

  • A massive amount of brushes that you can now group
  • Addition of Kyle Webster brushes
  • Extraction tool improved  
  • Access to Lightroom in Photoshop
  • Ability to upload to the Cloud and connect with the app, laptop, and desktop without having to transfer files


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Capture One Pro 10

Turning your moment into something that captures the eye can be learned, but you may want to begin with professional support to get you started. Professional support is provided with the software by way of easy-click style alterations. Experienced photo editors know which tones complement which hues, saturation, contrasts, and other elements that can transform a photo instantly, and Capture One has put this talent at your fingertips to get your photos edited in seconds.

New Capture One Pro 10 Features

  • Refraction correction
  • Ratio cropping
  • Tint adjustment
  • Skin Toning
  • Spot removal
  • Online and phone support provided

Your editing skills would add a brilliant level of refinement to all of your next family holiday photos.

Serif Affinity Photo 5

Quality doesn’t always come with a high price tag, and that is the case with Affinity. Low-cost photo editing software, this is practical for users who want quality results and an opportunity to get to know photo editing software basics. In addition to having access to any of the great features offered by the best quality photo editing apps and programs, your time is also considered valuable so you can make easy edits to more than one image at a time.

New Affinity Photo 5 Features

  •  Various color adjustments
  • A range of filter options
  • In-workspace brush to remove imperfections
  • Easy to resize layers
  • Batch processing (if you have a collection of images that all need the same correction, you can edit one and apply the corrections and adjustments to all at once)

Luminar 2018

Sit back, your software has it under control. This software is perfect for the professional photo editor who wants to swiftly make detailed adjustments that will have excellent effects on the image. The detail adjustments may not be something a new photo editor will work with, but for those who’ve been using this type of software for a long time and are familiar with how it works, the additional features will make your editing more advanced.

New Luminar 2018 Photoshop Features

  • Raw processing
  • The screen is more compact with more tools
  • Perspective correction
  • Simple noise reduction
  • Preset filters


Photo-editing software is now so advanced that you could say photo editing software to a normal photo is like a robot to a human: advanced evolution. And while you’re upgrading your software, upgrade your shopping experience: become a VIP Rewards member for as little as $4.99 per month or $49 per year and earn exclusive Cash Back rates for all purchases made online via With so many brands just a tap on your smartphone away, it has never been a better time to edit your online shopping experience.

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