Every bunny wants something sweeter than chocolate, so let’s start with a sweet par-tay to get the Easter weekend in full swing! Everyone’s a pro at hosting an epic Christmas party, an epic NYE party, an epic Halloween party, but how often do you host an epic Easter party? Maybe the chocolate allures your attention away, but too often the Easter party is overlooked and associated with whimsical elementary school activities. 2018 is the year to shatter that notion and make your Easter party one that dominates the schedule. All you need is a bit of passion, a good dose of egg-citement, lots of chocolate, dyed eggs, and these essential things.

What’s a Bunnies and Bows Party All About?

You either dress as a fluffy-eared and tailed bunny or wear a bow tie. It is the Easter take on a ‘witches and warlocks’ party. It makes the event perfect for men and women, and the costume or clothing you choose to wear with your themed accessories can be as glam as you decide. Add this year’s hottest accessories to your party look that will have you covered from the tips of your ears to your tail.


Chocolate will play a pivotal role in your event. The Bunnies and Bows theme plays more into the deep, rich, and dark notes and less into the rainbow theme. A white, coffee, and pink color palette makes for a lot of character decorations.

  • Front Door: put an image of a bunny wearing a bow on your front door so your guests know they’ve found the party zone. Or tie a ribbon on the handle for a more subtle touch.
  • Tables: coffee colored tablecloths with white and pink coasters, serviettes and plates. Coffee colored linens are in the Spring color palette as well so you can use the tablecloth as a home beautifying piece for the season.
  • Around the party area: Bowls filled with small chocolate eggs and a ribbon around each bowl. Small bunnies and bows (these can be bought in packets) can be left around the tables.
  • Serving-side: tie a little pink ribbon on each glass and affix a bow at the front. The best thing about the theme of this party is that the color white can be used as a core tone for many parties afterwards, so by updating your pantry with new sets of white serving dishes, plates, and bowls, you’ll always be able to use them again for future events.
  • Washrooms: A white, fluffy mat at the entrance of your designated washroom and theme-colored hand towels

Hand Towel Tip: You might have seen this in a 5-star hotel. Use a little box and fill it with small, folded hand towels. Place an empty box on the floor for used towels to be thrown into, ready for washing. It’s environmentally friendly and saves you buying more paper towels.

Having a holiday-themed set up will make your party even more exciting. An automated home is another way everyone is making their living space an exciting spot to be.

Food and Drink
Carrots, water, and lettuce are all a bunny needs… but this bunny has a far more lucrative appetite. Here are a few choco-foodie faves with special holiday add-ins.

Chocolate Fountain
A chocolate fountain will have your guests charmed. To give your visitors something to dip, you’ll need a mix of seasonal berries or other fruit of choice to compliment the ever-flowing chocolate. You can easily have all of the kitchen gadgets, serving ware, and linens you need at ease and with earned Cash Back thanks to Dubli.com’s wide range of e-tailers. Learn how to live like a king in your digitally powered world.

Chocolate Chilli
Sweet and a little spicy represents your party perfectly. To make this party favorite all you have to do is add 2 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder or homemade or store-bought chilli. You’ll be surprised by its rich and infused taste. Serve it with quinoa or pita bread. Before your guests head home, a millennial’s favorite coffee could be a great way to wrap a star evening, and why not place a chocolate egg beside the cup or a chocolate biscuit?!

Cocoa Chipotle Salsa
Salsa and tortilla chip lovers will also love the taste of the sweetest bean! A Cocoa Chipotle Salsa needs only a few ingredients and has the taste to steal the show. This snack can be easily prepared fresh on the day of your party. It is best to have one tray for every five guests as a rule of thumb.

Chocolate Mud Cake
Chocolate is the taste of the event, so a classic chocolate mud cake will get the attention of your guests. This can be brought out at the end of the meal if you are having a sit-down party, or it can be brought out halfway through the party when you make your ‘welcome and thank you for coming’ speech to guests.

Easter holidays are just a hop away, pun intended. Whether this is the first time you lift the roof in Easter celebration or whether you’re an old hand, this year you can set new standards. And don’t forget that you can get everything you need from the comfort of your home to make this celebration an absolute breeze. Visit your favorite stores via Dubli.com to earn DOUBLE Cash Back for all of your Easter must-haves.



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