Do you apply dense layers of foundation, powders, and blush in order to cover up your skin’s imperfections? You’re not alone. And while in a dream world you would never need to, the world of today with toxins everywhere, global warming, and air-conditioning, makes looking fresh and fab a task. The brilliant news is that there are as many things to revitalize your skin as there are to dress it up because brands know the truth: we love makeup and the magic it does to our aesthetic. With the perfect skincare regime, you do not have to compromise and can have the best of both worlds. Time to get your fresh on!

Step One: Wash The Pretty Off Your Face

Your makeup has done its job, all that’s left now is what didn’t evaporate and what your pores haven’t absorbed. It is time to remove your makeup.

For The Makeup Removal, You’ll Need:

  • Makeup remover (oil or water-based, if you run out, an unfragranced lotion will also work)
  • Cotton pads or a makeup remover towel

Word From A Pro: Dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Jaishree Sharad, emphasizes that it doesn’t matter how tired you are, how late it is, or how desperately you want to sleep, you must remove all of your makeup! Even the most glamorous makeup has to come off, but while it is on, make it worthwhile; select colors worth wearing.  

Step Two: The Path Is Clear, It Is Time To Cleanse

With your makeup removed, it is time to clean. Cleansers with exfoliating properties work best to clean your skin and remove dead skin cells that can block pores.

Pro Tip For Clogged Pores: Allowing your skin to breathe is vital. Dr. Lisa Benest advises using a cleanser with glycolic acid that will help lift off superficial cells that are causing the block. If you cleanse after using a facial steamer then your pores will be easier to clean. The Dr. also advises cleaning up your diet to reduce skin inflammation.

Step Three: Recovery, Round Two

The equalizer has rolled up its sleeves and will now step in to support the cleanse: it is time to tone. Toning the skin removes excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and debris that got past your cleanser. It will also remove any residual cleanser. Once you apply toner to your skin, you will see hues of grey, yellow, and even brown if there are still things that need to be removed. When there are no more hues, your toning is complete.

Did I Get It All?

According to Dr. Neil Schultz, it is better to opt for a cotton pad when using toner as cotton balls absorb too much of the toner your skin needs.

Step Four: Give Your Face A Swig Of This

Time to moisturize your skin for hydration.


The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type

Skin Type Moisturizer  
Dry to Very Dry Skin Creamy Thick
Oily Skin Non-greasy lightweight
Combination Skin Cream for your cheeks Oil-Free, and light for your T-Zone
Normal Skin Multi-purpose

There are many types of moisturizers with many add-ins, but you must ensure you only use moisturizer developed for facial skin, as moisturizers for your arms and legs will be too heavy for your face. And while you are upping your skin’s hydration levels, don’t forget to hydrate your strands, too.

Step Five: Slow Down The Tick Tock

We may not be able to stop the skin from aging, but with scientific developments, the experts have done a remarkable job of slowing it down. And there are also things you can do at home to help slow the clock.  

Expert Dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee Advises:

Apply a retinol at night, if you are above 20 and not pregnant. retinol has vitamin A in it and helps slow the aging and reduce fine lines. Vitamin A is also good for your eyes, but it is water soluble which means your body requires its levels to be topped up daily as water-soluble vitamins (A and C) are released from your body if not immediately needed


Once you’ve finished your nightly regime, you’ll sleep easy and pampered. Get everything you need to begin your five-step regime as soon as possible. Join and earn up to 30% Cash Back on every purchase.

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