Does this sound familiar to you: One month before the new school year begins, you think, “Still have time – I’ll get it later”. And then one week before school, after getting your child the item that was left on the shelf, you lovingly comfort them with: “Sorry, sweetheart. All the bags you like are sold out – but this beige one is still cool, and it is so practical…” And at that moment you promise your child and yourself that next year you’ll get what they need early, so it’ll never happen again. Well, here’s the great news: it is now next year, and you are now early, and is here to help make 2017 back-to-school shopping a breeze for you and rewarding for your child!

Back Pack

A lot of movies have been released this summer, and your primary-aged child will undoubtedly want one of them on their bag! Think Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, Captain Underpants, Spider Man, My Little Pony. Your tweens and teens will want different styles than primary children, but there are a lot of cool styles out there at this time and branded bags often catch the attention of the senior students.

Shopping Tips
  1. When picking for your tweens and teens, it’s better that they shop online with you… you wouldn’t want to “embarrass” them. Login to, select your favorite stores, and then click-out to the store you usually buy from. Open the store’s website and ask them to select for themselves.
  2. If you have a budget in mind, set the filters on the store’s web page you’re shopping from so only products within your budget are displayed – it’s an online shopping perk!
  3. Explore these 7 smart shopping ways to save when you shop online.

Shoes (Day and P. E.)

Children seem to grow out of their shoes every 3-5 months – it’s not uncommon to buy shoes over summer and then the next size up at the end of the Christmas holidays. Rule of Thumb For Buying School Shoes: P.E. Trainers should be one size larger than formal, day shoes as trainers need to support movement.

Online Shopping Tip

 When you’re looking for your child’s everyday shoes, simply type in ‘School shoes’ in the search section of your store’s website and the range will be found for you. Some pages have dedicated categories to school shoes, but those that don’t often have the words ‘school shoes’ tagged on this shoe style. Get your shoes now to make sure they fit and don’t forget to login before to to earn Cash Back on your purchase.

Lunchbox and Drink Bottle: Go ‘BPA-Free’

Recess! The part of the school day the kids look forward to the most. You’ve had some time to research easy-to-do, healthy and less time-consuming lunchbox ideas. Now it’s time to focus on how the meal and liquids will be served, preserved and carried. Yes, we are talking lunchboxes and drink bottles. BPA-free products have been all the rage in the markets, and opting for BPA-free gives you the chance to show your kids the importance of living in an environmentally-friendly world, and how easy it is to do it. When it comes to drink bottles, spruce it up with ones that have an infuser attachment. Add some refreshing flavors and nutrients to make staying hydrated more fun.

Stationery, Folders, Notepads

Your school may have already informed you of what your children will need for their upcoming year. If not, it’s safe to say that they’ll need HB pencils; coloring pencils; blue, black and red ballpoint pens; ruler; sharpener; eraser; glue stick; scissors; and a pencil case to hold everything in. You can mark these off your checklist at far better prices by taking advantage of online deals and discounts. Shop today via, earn Cash Back on your purchase, and have everything covered and labeled just in time for Day One.



Watch: Smartwatch, strap watch, or slap watch – if you have a child who always needs to know the time and look awesome, then you’ll need a good watch.
Phone: Many schools allow students to have phones in high school. If this applies to you, it’s better to get your child’s phone earlier so you can set it up and discuss usage and any restrictions well in advance, if necessary.
Tablet + Accessories: If your child’s school is going ‘digital’, it’s likely the school has settings that will be applied automatically to all devices, depending on whether they are Apple or Android. It is important to get the appropriate device to avoid Purchasing something that’s not compatible with the school’s management system. Give the school a call for details to be able to make a more informed purchase. And don’t forget the accessories! Headset, cover, and charger are essentials, but a stand, keyboard, and stylus are also trending add-ons for the junior techie.
Shopping Tip

Electronics might push your budget to the hefty side, so make sure you find the best prices for everything and compare before purchasing. Many e-tailers offer free shipping which means you can get the best from multiple online stores. Shop Now and Earn Cash Back.

Socks and Hat

It may be going into winter, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t going to be seen and felt on your child’s face, so a sun hat is essential.

And socks… oh, socks… while they will go missing in the first few weeks as the machine eats them or your children throw them into unknown territories of your home, you’ll need to start getting your supplies ready. White for P. E., navy, black, or gray for the day; ankle length, crew cut, or knee length – it’s up to you. Stock up!

Hair Ties

It’s time to control your girl’s mane that she’s let run wild over the summer. A packet of hair ties that match her uniform or simple white hair ties are perfect. Bobby pins will hold back the bangs that suited her summer style.

After having read the list, school is now a little bit closer to starting… but don’t worry – you can get the time back by doing your shopping online. And while you’re saving the time, you should also be earning Cash Back. Buying normal school things early can mean you’ll buy them at better prices and things you need will still be in stock. And who doesn’t love saving money and being organized well in advance! This year, do all of your Back-to-School shopping from the comfort of your home via to reduce expenses, save time, find deals, coupons, promo deals and free shipping offers and stack them with Cash Back on all your Purchases.

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