Meet Alison Escalante: personal trainer, group fitness instructor, mother, student, competitor and — of course — avid DubLi customer. Alison is a personal trainer to DubLi employees in Boca Raton.
To tell you a bit more about Alison….


My name is Alison, I am a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor at Evolution Fitness East in Boca Raton, Florida. I am also a certified DVNS (Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation System) specialist. Though I teach group fitness, my primary focus is one-on-one training. I grew up enjoying sports in south Florida and have always had a special love for fitness.

What began as a hobby spilled over into a passion as I trained friends and family and witnessed the transformational impact on health, appearance, and self- esteem that routine exercise and dietary changes can bring.As a mother, I understand the hardship and importance of working fitness into a busy schedule. I have a special love to serve the woman on the GO! I look forward to the opportunity to help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals! “Every choice you make has an end result” Every little bit counts so do not become discouraged – proper nutrition along with training will give you drastic changes!

DubLi: Why did you decide to go into personal training?

Growing up in a family of eight children (4 boys, 4 girls) we had our own built-in soccer, basketball and softball team.  As such, I was a very active kid.  I always loved how I felt after playing sports not only physically but as a stress reducer.

DubLi: What is your fitness theory?

Balance, balance, balance.  Exercise is important, no question, but in order to be truly effective, it must be combined with a good, fulfilling diet and lots of rest.  I am a strong believer in using beneficial supplements to compliment diet and to help the body heal faster.

DubLi: How do you find the time to train, teach, go to school and be a parent?

Again, balance, balance, balance.  I don’t do anything everyday but rather a plan out my weeks in advance so I have time to fit everyone and everything in.  These plans include my own personal workouts and meals.  If I’m racing or competing during the weekend, my week and my meals will look different than a week where I’m not training as hard.

DubLi: Many of DubLi’s customers are working parents. How would you recommend they incorporate exercise into their lives?

It’s important as a parent to be able to get in at least three workouts a week.  Exercise has proven to reduce stress, minimize fluctuations in brain chemicals and provide emotional and mental balance and stability.  As a single mother myself, I understand the demands and lack of personal time. Some of my best workouts are at 5:30 in the morning, before my son and the world awake.  It’s quiet, peaceful and gives me time to think and plan my day.  I also enjoy the feeling of knowing that by 6:30 a.m. I’ve already accomplished something and started my day off right.  I also use the time to myself as my reflection and meditation time to kill two birds with one stone. In addition, many of my personal training clients and group fitness classes are before 7:00 a.m. and, these days, most gyms open at 5:00 a.m. due to the growing consumer demand.  Early on, after my son was born, I learned an important lesson…to ask for help.  When friends and family see your commitment to bettering your life, they are all the more willing to pitch in if you need a babysitter, people hold tremendous respect for people willing to get up and improve their lifestyle. (I am fortunate with three sisters and four brothers I have my own built-in babysitting service.)

DubLi: If a working mother can only fit in one hour, three times a week, what would you recommend as the proper workout?

Again, I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s all about balance.  There is widely known misconception that to lose weight you need to do lots of cardio.  This is a myth.  Cardio is important for heart health but if you are looking to lose weight, you need to build lean muscle, which can only be accomplished by strength training.  I would recommend 20-30 minutes of cardio (running, stationary bike) coupled with a rotation of strength training of the major muscle groups (core, legs, arms, back.)  Many women worry about getting bulky or having big legs.  Legs are the most important muscle group because they are the largest muscles in the body, which in turn, will help you burn the most fat.  You need to use your body as a fat burning machine, which is also why I highly recommend eating five smaller meals per day, to kick start your metabolism five times a day instead of only three.  With strength training, it’s important that you always stay above your comfort zone in order to keep conditioning and building muscle.  If you start with five pound weights, increase to 10 after two weeks.  You need to confuse your muscle into growing so try to include a variety of different exercises each week for the same muscle group.

DubLi:  If someone can’t always leave the house to go to a gym or go running outside, what can you recommend as an alternative?

There are many products available online, through the DubLi Shopping Mall that you can use at home at any time.

Bosu BasicBosu Ball from eSportsOnline (6.5% Cashback): BOSU® Balance Trainer – Pro Basic. With a bosu ball (many of the balls come with a ½-1 hour training video.) You can use a bosu ball for a variety of purposes including: crunches for abs (lying on your back), overall core strength (lying on your stomach and reaching your arms and legs out like you are flying.  Hold for one minute intervals), Jump squats (reach down and touch the top of the ball, then jump as high as you can with your arms in the air, do 3 sets of 20 reps)

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aerobicAerobic Stepper: OnlineSports (7.8% Cashback) – Original Health Club Teal and Purple Aerobic Step System. The step is so versatile for working many body parts.  Use it for cardio (side-to-side over the top, jump squats). Triceps (tricep dips—sitting on the floor, facing away from step, put your arms up on the step and dip up and down) Chest (push-ups with legs crossed), backward lunges (start on the step and lunge backwards, 10 times on each leg)

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resistancebandResistance band: Gaiam (4.6% Cashback) – These bands also provide for a full body workout.  Use them for bicep curls (underneath grip, combined full range of up and down motion and half raises), shoulder presses (start with arms at shoulders and push up), as resistance for squats (put band behind your back and hold at shoulder length and squat by pulsing, half range of motion for 30 seconds) and for lateral raises (start with hands at side and raise arms sideways.)  Alison recommends 3 sets of 20 reps.

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Alison will be a featured expert for the health and wellness category on the DubLi blog.  To ask Alison a question, visit Alison’s Facebook page or personal website for more quick workouts and health tips and

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