You’re giddy with excitement after you book your dream family vacation. As the day draws nearer for departure, you begin to wonder about how on earth you’re going to entertain the kids on the long flight. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Use these four affordable and easy ways to keep children happy (and quiet) on the airplane:

New Toys

Sometime before the trip, take a few moments to privately browse the latest toy releases online. It’s essential that the kids are not in the room during this particular online shopping search. Select 2-3 small and interesting items for each child, something new that they’ll be entertained with during the flight. Toy cars with moving parts, light up wands, and miniature travel games are a few popular ideas. Check out a huge variety of great toys from Lego; shop through DubLi and get up to 8% Cashback.

After everyone has settled into the flight, introduce the first toy. Wait to bring out the next one until it seems obvious your child has grown bored with the first.

Playing games with the little ones can eliminate flight boredom.

Playing games with the little ones can eliminate flight boredom.

Special Treats and Snacks

Similar to the toy idea above, prepare a few special treats to take along. Again, keep them hidden from little eyes until the right timing on the flight.

Most airlines allow travelers to bring their own foods on board, but liquids must follow special rules. Check with your airline before departure to be certain your snacks fit the guidelines.

Just about anything with brightly colored packaging or specialty shapes will appeal to most youngsters. Try making miniature sandwiches cut in unusual styles or assorted fruits piled on kabob sticks for healthy homemade options.

Finger Puppets

Put on a show for your kids with a set of finger puppets. Take turns being the entertainer. Finger puppets offer endless imaginative performances — silly dances, nursery rhyme interpretations, re-counts of the airport and plane activities, and envisions of the adventures soon to be had on the vacation.

Tip: Make your own set of printable finger puppets with this free design tutorial!


Even if you typically limit screen time at home, travel may qualify as a special exception. Electronics are a great way to keep little ones quietly entertained. Hint: Bring earphone speakers! Pre-download some age-appropriate movies and TV shows and install several game apps on your phone or tablet. Test the apps before the trip to ensure that each is adequately easy to use, entertaining, and fun. Head to Best Buy to shop for the latest electronics and get up to 7% Cashback!

Lastly, have fun! Try not to let the worry of the flight intimidate you too much as children can sense parental anxiety. Keep the flight fun with your own carefree, happy attitude. For the best deals in travel, car rentals and vacation packages, make sure to check out DubLi as you plan your adventure.

Tablets can be a lifesaver for parents on a long flight.

Tablets can be a lifesaver for parents on a long flight.

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