Wedding costs may run up to be a little more than expected no matter how much you plan and prepare. From the venue, flowers, to the catering, it all adds up to be quite the sticker-shock. But no need to compromise on a dream honeymoon with these affordable and breathtaking destinations. And before you take your trip, be sure to check out these money savings tips for your honeymoon vacation.

Puerto Rico

La Isla del Encanto: This enchanting island, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and rich Hispanic culture. There are many perfect romantic spots to honeymoon in Puerto Rico. You can find San Juan packages to explore the capital or take on vast activities from hiking through the El Yunque rainforest or salsa your way through the lively nightlife with your love. For a more unforgettable trip, take a cruise to Puerto Rico with Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Davis’ romantic ballad “Crusin’” on your playlist.


Known as the country of myriad adventures, Indonesia hosts over 17,000 islands with only 8,000 of them being inhabited. The country is a land of many cultures, customs, foods and sights that will make for unforgettable memories with your new spouse. You can expect to see dramatic sights from volcanos, white sand beaches, and even orangutans lounging in trees. It’s a great place to begin your love story with lots of memories to share.


Mexico has all the makings of a honeymoon getaway with their magical Cancun resorts and Los Cabos hills, it is a place that has seen the beginning of many love stories. Enjoy Mayan ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itza or swim with the dolphins at Xcaret Water Park. Later, dive into the ocean in style knowing that delicious food and tropical drinks await you and your significant other.  

Sri Lanka

Your special someone may make your knees weak, but a honeymoon in Sri Lanka will sweep you both off your feet. Sri Lanka is home to many cultures, scenic routes, and warm, hospitable people. There are a variety of beaches to enjoy with heavy waves for the surf-lover to calm beaches for a more serene feel. Take a quest with your love to one of the many natural safaris or let an elephant bless you with a splash of water from its trunk. And the best part, cheap flights to Sri Lanka are available year-round.


Portugal is one of the most affordable holiday spots inside the Eurozone beating out Spain and Greece. You can stay a full week at a 5-star hotel in Lisbon, the country’s capital, for less money than a 2-night stay in their neighboring countries. Not to mention, Lisbon is a breathtaking destination with rich history, coastal views, and great year-round climate. Not sure how to style your hair? Use these tricks for the light traveler.


Situated in Eastern Europe, this Balkan country has many romantic sights to explore. Starting with Plovdiv, the oldest city in the country, you can enjoy colorful Renaissance-era architecture where you’ll truly feel the old Bulgarian folklore. In Lovech Province, northern central part of the country, get a feel for the natural attractions such as the Devatashka Cave. But if you prefer to lay back on the sand with your loved one then the Golden Sands resort along the Black Sea is perfect for you, lovebirds.

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