Have you imagined owning an ultra-sharp 4K TV but thought you couldn’t afford it?

Brush off those thoughts, because there are now plenty of 4K options that will give you a movie-theater experience at home without busting your budget. What separates the 4K TVs from the previous generation of HD televisions? They pack double the pixels as the original HDTVS, and are the first models to get new technologies like wider color gamut and high dynamic range (HDR) video.  

The extra resolution of 4K images adds more detail, more depth and more color resolution, creating images that are so stunningly realistic that it feels more like looking through a window than watching TV.

So here are some 4K TVs that will give you an improved home viewing experience without breaking the bank for you. Don’t forget to sign in to DubLi.com before you start shopping to earn Cash Back on your purchase.

Affordable 4K TVs: Save Money and Stay Current

The prices for 4K televisions have dropped — now you can afford the visually stunning technology.

Insignia Roku TV

While the incredibly budget-friendly Insignia certainly won’t deliver top-of-the-line quality like you would with a high-end model, it still packs quite a punch – and it’s up to $3,000 cheaper than some of the more luxurious competitors.

The 55- and 60-inch models supply you with four HDMI ports to attach all your devices like sound systems, game consoles and media players.

Affordable 4K TVs: Save Money and Stay Current

The 55-inch Insignia Roku TV is one of the most affordable 4K TVs you’ll find. | Photo by Best Buy


Sony X830C

One of the best Smart 4K TVs, the Sony X830C matches a great price with good picture quality. The 49-inch model is priced at less than $900 at a wide variety of online stores that partner with DubLi.com. The X830C comes equipped with the 4K Ultra HD Media Player4, where you can choose from a vast range of 4K videos, or browse a host of classic movies and new releases to buy or rent.

Additionally, the breakthrough 4K Processor X1 delivers ultra-lifelike detail, using new algorithms such as Noise Crusher, Flat Area Detection and Super Resolution. The English translation: your entire viewing experience, from picture to sound, reaches another level.

Affordable 4K TVs: Save Money and Stay Current

The Sony X830C stands out because it packs so many updated features for its budget-friendly price. | Photo by Best Buy


Vizio P-Series

For a little bit more, you can go up dramatically in quality. Respected tech site CNET.com ranked the Vizio P-series the best mid-priced 4K picture for the money. With mega-advanced features like the VM50 Ultra HD Engine and Spatial Scaling Engine

The proprietary VIZIO SmartCast™ allows you to control TV shows, movies and music on your display from your VIZIO SmartCast™ Tablet Remote.

Affordable 4K TVs: Save Money and Stay Current

The P-Series is a step up in price from some more budget-minded 4K TVs, but CNET.com ranks it the best mid-priced 4K picture for the money. | Photo by Best Buy

Vizio M-Series

Vizio also puts out a more budget-minded range of 4K TVs: the M series, which is still a great value if you want 4K resolution and an excellent overall picture. The 2016 edition of the M series offers a vast array of features like:

  • Full-array local dimming with up to 64 zones
  • HDR compatible with Dolby Vision support
  • 4K resolution
  • Includes free Android tablet remote (6-inch screen, 720p)
  • Google Cast compatible

Some online stores, offer the 50-inch M Series for under $900, and the 65-inch for under $1,500.

Affordable 4K TVs: Save Money and Stay Current

The M Series merges excellent quality with a lower price than the P Series, making it a great value. | Photo by Best Buy

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