Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to spoil your other half, but the usual antics can get a bit repetitive. So, here are 9 unique, romantic ideas that don’t cost a fortune or a month to plan. Your other half will be completely blown away with your originality and attentiveness.

Pack a Picnic

Instead of making dinner at home or going out for an expensive meal together, why not pack up your loved one’s favorite things and go somewhere quiet and romantic.

9 Super Romantic -- and Original -- Valentine’s Treats

A romantic picnic in a park is a simple, unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Book a Couples Massage

Indulge together! Too expensive? Make your own beauty parlor at home and treat him (or her) to a massage yourself – go to town with scented candles, relaxing music and aromatherapy oils.

Make a Mixtape

Or youtube playlist, CD, or secretly upload an album on their phone – it’s not the eighties anymore. This is such a romantic, old-school gesture, and the effort and thought of it will earn major brownie points. Just make sure it’s actually filled with music they’ll love! You can even record a message on your phone and add it to the beginning of the playlist.

Paint a Picture

For the talented, creative bunch of romantics, put your art skills to use and paint/sketch your partner’s favorite picture of the two of you. For those less artistically gifted, spend some time making a framed collage of your favorite pictures together. If you’re a wordsmith or amateur bard, why not write a poem? It doesn’t need to be sappy either!

Make Breakfast

Wake up early and prepare the breakfast of your other half’s dreams. Whip up pancakes, fry bacon and eggs, or make their favorite bagel. Splurge on freshly-squeezed orange juice or earn extra points for waking them up with tea or coffee. Take it to them in bed, or serve it up for the both of you.

9 Super Romantic -- and Original -- Valentine’s Treats

Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? There’s no better time than February 14th to serve it to your partner.

Be Thoughtful

Is her favorite lipstick running out? Does your other half keep talking about wanting to see a musical or a new movie at the cinema? Did they love the look of that new bar that just opened up? Is their car filthy and needs a clean? Clean the car, get her favorite lipstick, go for drinks at the bar, or book the show tickets. These thoughtful little things say “I love you” more than a teddy bear or perfume.

Winning by Twinning

Treat yourselves to soft, fluffy, matching bathrobes that both of you can wrap up in. It’s not something we commonly buy for ourselves, so matching robes is pretty darn cute – if you plan ahead of time you can even get them embroidered with your initials – pretty fancy! An alternative — book a romantic weekend at a posh hotel where you can get the robes included in the booking price.

Host A Private Dinner

A Valentine’s dinner at an intimate restaurant might be nice, but the long wait times, large crowds and noisy atmosphere of many restaurants can ruin the romance factor. It’s even more special to create your own restaurant experience at home. Make their absolute favorite meal and set the table like the finest Parisian cafes. Light candles, use cutlery for all three courses, put napkins and you finest glasses out, and dim the lights. Get our top tips for the perfect romantic dinner at home here.

Put on a Show

Though you undoubtedly love each other, that doesn’t always equate to the same taste in movies. Organize a romantic night-in and set up a home cinema with a movie you know they’ll love – even if you don’t. Get out candles, dim the lights, set up blankets and pillows galore and cue up your big-screen. Don’t forget the popcorn and your significant other’s favorite takeout meal.

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