The laptop to the desktop. The tablet to the console. The frosting on the cupcake; the smartwatch can complement and supplement your smartphone, and it happens to have the most extraterrestrially futuristic oomph. But with so many models now available, it can be hard to decide which model your wrist is waiting to be snuggled in. Here are the answers to some questions, and a look at four popular smartwatch styles and models to match your individual needs.


What is wearable tech all about?

Being connected to wifi at all times is an expectation of the majority. Wearable technology connects to wifi and enables you to get notifications instantly: anytime, anywhere. All this, without rummaging through your clutch or pocket to get your phone.


Do smartwatch batteries have to be charged?

Yes. Even the designer models such as the Tag Heuer, automatic, analog watch, requires recharging for its digital interface. Charging a smartwatch is done the same as charging any other smart device since battery life depends on usage and model. Your charged smartwatch can also be your new controller of your automated home devices.


Who are you, and which 2018 smartwatch will suit you?


You are: The Apple lover

You’ll love: Apple Wear Series 3

Slogan: Inspire wrist envy.


Ready to connect? The Apple Smart Wear Series 3 has the iconic Apple finish, and beneath the screen, it is packed with equally iconic Apple advancements. Your smartwatch can share the same cell number as your smartphone using an e-sim. This 3rd generation Apple wear advancement means you can wear your smartwatch out as its own device. The new S3 chip makes for better processing, meaning that Siri, your Apple assistant, can easily answer your questions. Very futuristic.


  • Battery Life: up to 18 hours
  • Operating System: iOS  
  • Storage: 8GB


You are: The Android advocate

You’ll love: Samsung Gear Sport

Slogan: As stylish as it is functional.


Health and fitness tracking alongside traditional smartwatch features, the Samsung Gear Sport is ready to connect with your android phone and your heartbeat. You cannot add a SIM card, but with a fully water resistant and synchronizable device, the need to use it as an independent phone may not be on your list of priorities. Fantastic battery life, stylish, and a good memory for storing the essential health and lifestyle tracking apps, the Samsung Gear Sport was designed with today’s men and women in mind.


  • Battery Life: 3 days
  • Operating System: Tizen
  • Storage: 4GB


You are: Luxury/Designer lover

You’ll love: Michael Kors Access Sofie

Slogan: Meet the timepiece that’s fashions last word in wearable tech.


Powered by android wear, the Michael Kors Access Sofie also boasts sophisticated glamour. This smartwatch is an embellished accessory that has added the modern sync-expectations to its reasons for purchase. Interchangeable straps mean you can wear the same elegance to the gym or to a formal dinner.


  • Battery Life: 18 hours
  • Operating System: android wear 2.0  
  • Memory: 4GB


You are: The Athlete

You’ll love: Fitbit Ionic

Slogan: Find motivation that gets you moving.


The Fitbit is an original smartwatch that began as a connected health tracking device. Today, health reckoning is even more advanced and includes apps to motivate you as you reach your goals. Fitbit Ionic is specially tailored to those aiming to get fit and there is even a special Adidas edition that’ll provide you with a personal training experience.

You needn’t end your body powerup externally, strengthen your core with these 6 brain habits to follow.


  • Battery Life: 5 days
  • Operating System: Fitbit OS
  • Memory: 2.5GB


Now you’ll always have the time with a fancy side of awesomeness. Get your superb digital accessory via now and earn Cash Back for your purchase. Living an integrated life is just a voice command away!



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