Give a woman the right shoes, and she’ll conquer the world… though for now, we’ll settle on conquering 2018. The fashion cycle is constantly moving and evolving and that’s always the case with shoes, so how do you know what you need this year? After browsing the latest runways and checking in on what the street style stars are wearing, we’ve got the lowdown for you when it comes to footwear. Stay chic this spring with these five shoe trends you can easily add to your collection.


Get on the Platform

In 2015, the creeper shoes made their way onto the sartorial scene, and we can only assume it was to pave the way for today’s platform craze! The platform has all the benefits of a heel thanks to the elevation they offer without the discomfort of a slanted sole. While the platform has been popular for a minute, it’s still taking fashion to new heights (pun intended!). Look for something with a lot of embellishments or an added flair in the form of color, studs, laces or even cutouts. You can rock this shoe all season long and your feet will thank you for it. They’re a great transitional shoe if you live in a colder area and have to layer up even during the spring but they can easily be worn during the warmer months as well.


Playful kitten heels

They say that in fashion nothing is new anymore and that everything makes its way back around, so it was only a matter of time until the kitten heel came back… and we’re not complaining! The kitten heel was popular in the 50s and for the contemporary look, it’s been updated to have a more edgy vibe. Averaging out between 1-3 inches in heel height, a kitten heel can jazz up any outfit. A slingback is a perfect shoe for a flirty date night or even a coffee outing paired with a floral dress, though it can just as easily be matched with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a simple tank. Kitten heels can give you the little boost you want without the pain a stiletto might bring.


Not so sneaky sneakers

We think the message is clear with this one, sneakers are here to stay…maybe forever. The ultimate in cool-girl style, sneakers can give a little edge to your ensemble or you can dress it down if you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. While sneakers can be a broad statement, we want to focus on the current go-to for the fashionistas, the dad-sneaker. Hear us out… the dad shoe is a throwback to the nerdy look of the 90’s that many dads used to rock, yet today, it’s fashion. Go for all white with a thick sole and thick padding to really amp up the nerd factor.


These printed boots were made for walking

How do you reinvent the boot? If you’re a designer, you’re probably going to go against the norm and give it a new spin that’s anything but conventional. Brocade boots with floral or decorative prints are so going to be everywhere (if they aren’t already) that you need to get in on this trend quick! The rich texture adds another element to the staple shoe while also keeping you comfy. Don’t be afraid of the bold colors and mixing prints this year, fashion is about taking risks after all. Think of shoes as the ultimate accessory though if you’re feeling timid, there are always other accessories you can add to give your outfit some pizazz.


Make-a-statement heels

We’ve seen the Manolo Blahnik pumps that Carrie Bradshaw was obsessed with and the ruby red slippers that changed Dorothy’s life, but in 2018 we’re taking statement heels to the next level. It’s no longer about embellishment and bright colors, it’s so much more! From intricate designs of the heels to bedazzled straps and innovative prints, the heel will be the statement piece of your outfit this Spring. Get a heel that has it all, and don’t be afraid to go bold, maybe pairing it with socks… yes, really. Go the PVC route and add a little translucence or maybe a fringe for some movement, and don’t forget about color! Bright hues are so in, we’re getting shoe envy already.


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