Yes, it’s already time to scout the sales and stores for the gifts you’re going to buy this year. But don’t wait until the last minute and frantically search empty shelves — let us help you find the hot toys and gifts that your kids will love!

Read on for 10 top holiday 2016 gifts for kids, and remember to shop through for all your holiday shopping needs to get great prices and Cash Back on every purchase.

Pokémon Power

Pokémon is just about the most popular thing on the planet right now, and if you’re a parent who knows next-to-nothing about the Japanese game, you’re not alone. If your little one is an obsessed “trainer,” then check out the Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook, available from Barnes & Noble, which has everything you ever wanted to know about the world of Pokémon. Heck, you could even learn a thing or two from this encyclopedic reference book.

Let Them Learn While They Play

Educational toys are great for both parents and children. You feel like your money is well spent, while your child will actually have fun while learning. Get your budding student this Learning Resources play set from Target through DubLi that allows him or her to play teacher. It’s perfect for pre-kindergartners, who will learn to love school at an early age.

A Helpful Remedy for Boredom

Sometimes it’s easy to let the kids just play around on their electronics devices when they yell “I’m bored!” But board games are a great way to stave off boredom for the whole family. Sorry! has been enjoyed by families for almost 90 years, and though the directions say it’s for kids aged 6 and up, even mature 4- and 5-year-olds will love to play. Go to and get Cash Back on Sorry! and other board games. Another positive aspect of this classic game is that you don’t need to spend hours before a winner is declared, like in Monopoly.

Privacy for Them, Silence for You

These days, just about every child has a device (or five) and with all that time playing games, listening to music or watching movies, you’ll probably get tired of the noise. Well, these JVC Kids’ Headphones (for age 3+) from Walmart are the perfect solution. They come in four multicolored versions, have a volume limiter to prevent hearing loss and come with stickers so children can design their own. Now, every road trip and quiet time at home will really be quiet for you!

For Aspiring Filmmakers

The e-generation is constantly posting and viewing online videos — why not give a gift that will come in “handy”? This will cost you quite a bit more than most of the gifts on this list, but you’ll get great value from this Sony Handycam Flash Memory Camcorder, available at Best Buy. The entry-level price is quite lower than most of its competitors, so you’ll feel prudent about letting them explore their creative side.

Everybody Loves Lego

Lego products are more popular than ever; the hardest part is narrowing down exactly which one to get this holiday season. When you shop at the Lego store through, you’ll get 2.4% Cash Back as a free customer on thousands of products. Star Wars fans will love this TIE Striker set, complete with four minifigures and accessories.

For Aspiring Chefs

Let your kids get a head start on real cooking with the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven from Walmart. The oven is so compact that the kids can cook their treats right next to you when you’re preparing dinner. Just make sure you provide supervision while your child gets the hang of it; after all, the oven has a real heating element. It’s perfect for when your child wants to re-enact an episode of Chopped or Top Chef  but you don’t want to waste “real” food!

There’s Always Room for Play-Doh

Play-Doh is a rite of passage for just about every kid. This year, the classic toy is celebrating its 60th birthday with plenty of new sets. This Ocean Tools set features five fun ocean-themed tools like an octopus and hammerhead shark. The best part? You can get it for just $7.99 at Target when you shop through The good news is that your kids will have hours of fun without really making much of a mess. Just remind them to return the “Doh” to the jars after they finish playing to avoid turning your malleable Play-Doh into a lifeless, rock-hard clump.

It’s a Minecraft World

If you have kids who are over the age of three, there’s no doubt you’re aware of the Minecraft craze sweeping the globe. The video game centered around creatively building textured cubes has inspired a cottage industry of books, toys and clothing. This Exploding Creeper from Walmart is a perfect stocking stuffer amid the mountain of Minecraft merchandise our there this holiday season.

Get the Kids in on the Fitness Tracker Kick

We adults love our fitness trackers, so why not let the kids have fun with them too. The Garmin vívofit, available from Best Buy through, comes in a variety of colors to suit any taste, and the current sale price ($51.99) won’t make you cringe, even if your child tends to lose everything. This one comes with kid-friendly features like water resistance and easy-to-operate tracking functions.

No matter what gifts you wind up getting for the kids in your life this holiday season, make sure you do all your shopping through and earn Cash Back on every purchase.

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