We commented on last week’s fashion blog about the Fashion Star hoopla being featured on macys.com (2% Cashback) and Express.com (3.2% Cashback), so we decided to check out the new hit TV show on NBC on Friday nights (Yes, we are blogging geeks and stay home on Friday nights.)  While we were familiar with the concept, we had no idea how much fun this latest rendition of reality TV could be.  We are not going to bore you with the details of how the show works here, except to say that celebrity team leaders: Jessica Simpson, Nicole Ritchie and John Varvatos apparently draw a nice crowd as the show is doing well.

Fashion CashbackQuite frankly, as resident DubLi Shoppers, we were much more excited to see Saks Fifth Avenue, (6.5% Cashback), Macy’s (2.% Cashback) and Express (3.2% Cashback) such active participants and actually putting their money where their mouth is. In addition, to putting up big bucks for newly created fashion pieces live, on the show, they are all doing a huge marketing pitch to sell this limited-edition pieces (which are apparently selling like hot cakes!)  Here on the East Coast, the show airs from 8-9, at 9:01 we received the email from Saks (what can we say we do a lot of shopping at the DubLi Shopping Mall so we are on everyone’s email list) with their plug to purchase the items that Terron selected and at 9:10, we received Macy’s!  Talk about being on the ball!

We encourage you to visit Saks, Macy’s and Express to see this week’s winning items, we are sure you will be impressed!


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