By: Kaylin Meyer

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an all-inclusive family vacation, or a quick weekend retreat – check out the ultimate 2016 travel bucket list, packed with desirable destinations all over the globe.

Just book your trip and earn Cash Back, then pack your bags and join the ranks of glamorous jet setters!

[title text=”Domestic Travel”]

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is an enticing destination for every season. Be it, playing in the snow this winter, taking in the brilliant fall colors that light up the mountainsides or embarking on a white-water rafting adventure. A major bonus  to this must-visit city is that Aspen has its own airport, so you don’t have to spend more time traveling than enjoying your vacay.

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

Aspen is a snowboarder’s paradise, but the city has plenty more to offer.


Santa Monica, California

After spending the past month in this slice of SoCal paradise, I highly recommend the dreamy beachfront city for everybody’s travel bucket list this year. You can find flights to LAX for just $44 with tax! Additionally, a Lyft ride from the airport shouldn’t be more than $20. Once you arrive in Santa Monica, you can take the Big Blue Bus around town for only $1.25. Hey outdoors enthusiasts: Rent a HULU bike and take the beach path down to Venice – the sightseeing and people-watching are well worth the pedal!

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

Santa Monica features some of the best beaches, restaurants and shopping in all of Southern California.


[title text=”International Travel”]

The rest of our travel bucket is for international travel, of course, keeping us budget travelers in mind. Please note, traveling internationally does not have to be expensive. Heck, travelling anywhere does not have to expensive especially if you book through DubLi and earn Cash Back for all your travel purchases.

Vancouver, British Columbia

On (up to 7.5% Cash Back), you can book a romantic getaway or an escape for two for less than $500 a person including hotel and airfare. Vancouver is the new Pacific Northwest “it” spot; its thriving culinary and nightlife scenes rival Toronto’s. If you’re into breathtaking sights, delicious grub and down-to-earth people, you might want to go ahead and book your Vancouver trip right now!  

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

Vancouver boasts a bustling port, breathtaking landscapes and a flourishing social scene.

Dubrovnik and Zagreb, Croatia

A new kind of partying  traveling: Yacht Week. Travel your way through the world on the waterfront and meet tons of neat people in festive spirits! Croatia is filled with rustic charm, Yacht Week is a New-Age European travel adventure at its finest and for the twenty somethings out there who want to party in this jewel of the Adriatic Sea, it’s a dream getaway.

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

Croatia’s Yacht Week is a great event to help you explore the Adriatic Sea.

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

A must-see in Croatia is the rustic city of Dubrovnik

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anyone who has ever traveled to Buenos Aires speaks of the city in the most passionate regards. Argentina’s capital has it all: Passionate people, refined culture, great food — especially beef — and fascinating history. “Baires” is called “the Paris of South America” for a good reason: its sidewalk cafes and early 20th century architecture are among the finest in the world. It takes two to tango, so bring a partner, visit a vineyard and savor the most delicious steaks you’ve ever tasted.

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

Puerto Madero on Buenos Aires’ Rio de la Plata is one of the top tourist attractions in the Argentine capital.


Casablanca, Morocco

Want to immerse yourself in a vibrant country full of local color and cultural richness? Most Americans’ exposure to the North African country is limited to the 1942 cinematic classic filmed in Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca. When you visit Morocco you can expect a change of pace from the norm. Besides all the beautiful handmade rugs and street art, you can also visit enchanting caves in forested hills, the vast Sahara Desert and refreshing waterfalls. There are a lot of tours and vacation packages that you can book to Morocco so, be sure to take a look at this 7-day bucket list trip and then book your travel through to get Cash Back for your exotic vacation!

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

Morocco has a stunning array of topographical features like mountains, deserts, waterfalls and beaches.

Arenal, Costa Rica

Interested in a lush tropical jungle filled with unlimited beauty? Who wouldn’t be? Take advantage of this vacation package found on Groupon (2.5%/8.5% Cash Back) and you’ll satisfy your inner child by taking a Tarzan swing through the rainforest at canopy level. A guided hike and butterfly garden tour is included in the vacation package, along with airfare and a rental car, for just $599.

The Ultimate 2016 Travel Destination Bucket List

Take advantage of a Costa Rica vacation with airfare and rental car for $599.

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